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Interview Policy

At this time, we are unable to participate in interviews without a list of specific questions prior to the interview. Given the nature of the topics RISE covers, we will not answer questions without time to prepare responses founded in research and evidence-based practices. We do this to ensure we always prioritize student safety and wellbeing.

While we understand that various faculty or editors may request an interview-style format by not providing a question schedule, we require questions be submitted in advance. 

While we do our best to accommodate each request, we may not have the capacity to participate in various interviews. Submission of this form is not confirmation; a RISE team member will reach out to confirm once your interview is approved. If we cannot accommodate your request, please note that we have information on harm-reduction strategies on alcohol and substance use, mental health and well-being, sexual health and consent, and more available under our focus areas within our website navigation.

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