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Shmoody x TTU RISE

TTU Shmoody Cat

Shmoody is a pocket toolkit for your mental health. Wherever you are in your mental health journey, and whether you work with a therapist or not, Shmoody is the friend who is always there to listen, to provide useful suggestions, and sometimes just to make you laugh.

DM RISE on Instagram or email rise@ttu.edu to request the free access code for a premium account. 

Some of Shmoody's Features

Shmoody TTU Community Board Shmoody Message Helper Shmoody Action Plan
Shmoody Joy Calendar Shmoody Mood Tracker Shmmody Mind Expander

Action Plans

Auto-magically generated to-do lists to help you feel better based on the mood you're in. Action plans are designed to help you take positive real-world actions. We've helped people take over 500,000 positive actions with Shmoody. And the best part? Shmoody users report feeling a 38% mood improvement when completing an action plan.

TTU Community Board

Real connection with other TTU students for accountability and support. When you use TTU's premium access code, you get access to the TTU community board, right in the app. You also have access to the general Shmoody community board. We are all social creatures. When we're feeling down, it can be hard to ask others for help. The Shmoody community provides a refuge for users to relate to others who are going through a similar experience.


Fun wellness challenges to facilitate long term growth. We all love challenges. It's a part of being human. Our personal development challenges not only help build positive habits but also are full of jokes guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Who ever said personal development shouldn't be fun?