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M.F.A. in Theatre Arts

Design Track

The Design track prepares M.F.A. students for work in the professional theatre and academia. After completing a core consisting of design classes in each area, students focus on the design area of their choosing, resulting in a program that is tailored to student's talents and interests. Combining the scholarship of the classroom with the practical of realized productions, each student in the M.F.A. Design program is expected to have a major design role or production assignment each semester.

What Sets Us Apart

Students are required to take on a major production role each semester, meaning that they are able to maximize their work in the classroom through realized design.

Small student-to-faculty ratio, the opportunity to teach at the undergraduate level, a competitive professional network.

Production Roles

Small Student-to-Faculty Ratio


Apply Now

Apply through the Texas Tech Graduate School Application Portal

  • Provide transcripts from all previous college-level study
  • Provide all required supplemental items:
    • 3 letters of recommendation, preferably from sources in theatre or dance
    • CV/Resume
    • Payment of required application fee
    • Scholarly writing sample (minimum of 750 words), preferably on a theatre or dance topic
  • Statement of Purpose
    • Elaborate on your academic, artistic, and/or professional interests and goals specific to the program of study you wish to pursue
    • Briefly describe the aspects of your background relevant to your interest. This could include your undergraduate studies, previous graduate study, and/or professional work.
  • Sample of Artistic Work (related to area you wish to pursue)
    • Please submit a portfolio of your design work (website with archive, photos, in portfolio format, etc.). Please do not submit original renderings. Upon review, applicant may be asked to attend a live interview with faculty

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All M.F.A. students in Design must take the Core Courses in Design. Each student focuses on Scenery, Lighting, Costume, or Sound and takes the required and elective courses appropriate to that focus.

Core Courses in Design – 45 hours

THA 5300 Dramatic Analysis
THA 5303 Theatre Scene Design
THA 5304 Theatre Lighting Design
THA 5305 Theatre Costume Design
THA 5319 Theatre Sound Design
THA 5307 Performance Lab I
THA 5308 Advanced Performance Lab II
THA 5320 Theatre Planning
THA 5323 Theatrical Collaborations
THA 5335 Topics in Design/Technology
THA 5336 Graphics Presentations for the Theatre: Computer Drafting
THA 5337 Graphics Presentations for the Theatre: Computer Presentation
THA 5340 Period Styles of Stage Design
THA 5351 Mentoring Community Outreach in the Arts
THA 7000 Design Study (1 hour)
THA 7000 Design Study (1 hour)
THA 7000 Design Study (1 hour)

Electives – additional 15 hours as approved by the student's program advisor, selected from:

THA 5303 Theatre Scene Design
THA 5304 Theatre Lighting Design
THA 5305 Theatre Costume Design
THA 5306 Theatre History Survey
THA 5319 Theatre Sound Design
THA 5311 Advanced Directing
THA 5312 Theatre Management
THA 5315 Reading Playscripts
THA 5316 Marketing the Arts
THA 5317 Funding the Arts
THA 5318 Advocacy for the Arts
THA 5331 Studies in Contemporary Theatre
THA 5335 Topics in Design/Technology
THA 5350 Seminar in Research Methods
THA 5372 Dramaturgy
THA 6001 Internship (3-6 hours)
ART 5310 Historical and Critical Perspectives in the Visual Arts
ART 5320 Graduate Drawing
MFA Design students must design a production as designated by the Head of Design as the basis for their thesis project.

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