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The TLPDC coordinates a series of professional development activities called the Chair Academy aimed specifically at department chairs. The Chair Academy programming is primarily based on suggestions or topics of interest identified by TTU department chairs. If you would like to suggest a topic, please contact Suzanne Tapp.

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Considering the Course Evaluations Process and Student Evaluation of Teaching

Thursday, March 10, 2022
12:00 -1:00
TLPDC Room 153
Presenters: Suzanne Tapp, Mike Serra, Raegan Higgins, Angela Lumpkin, Jason Headrick, Kerk Kee, Taylin Antonick and Justin Louder
Join this face-to-face discussion and have lunch with us! The Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development Center, the Teaching Academy, and the Office of the Provost have partnered together to consider ways in which we might improve teaching evaluations at Texas Tech University. Join the student evaluation subcommittee as we share information we have gathered about the research surrounding what student evaluations of teaching can and cannot do, and ideas about how we might re-envision student evaluations and how we use them at Texas Tech. What are other campuses doing and what can we learn from their formats? How can we value student feedback and use to influence changes or decisions in our teaching? What do chairs need and want to see from student evaluations? We will discuss these questions and more as we seek feedback from chairs about the student evaluation process.

Academic Bullying and Harassment

Friday, April 15, 2022
12:00 -1:00
Presenters: The Chair Mentoring Subcommittee, ADVANCE Grant
Chemistry World (July, 2021) recently posted a piece in which Saya Ameli Jaebi noted that academic bullying can range from verbal abuse and microaggressions to threats of visa cancellations or redirected funding. In this face-to-face discussion (online option also available), we will look at several case studies involving bullying and/or harassment, and discuss toxic departmental cultures, how we can protect those who are more vulnerable to bullying and harassment, and how we shift dynamics to diminish power and pressure. 
*If you would like to attend either of these virtually, please email Molly Jacobs.



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