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Chair Academy

The TLPDC coordinates a series of professional development activities called the Chair Academy aimed specifically at department chairs. The Chair Academy steering committee includes the following individuals: Steve Fraze, Sharran Parkinson, Mark Charney, Lou Densmore, Patrick Hughes, Jodie Billingsley and Suzanne Tapp. The committee has identified topics of interest such as Understanding the Faculty Role in the Strategic Plan, External Funding and Increased Funding Expectations, Faculty Assessment and Annual Reviews, Teaching and Service Expectations, and Understanding and Quantifying Creative Research. If you would like to suggest a topic, please contact Suzanne Tapp or another steering committee member.

Books, Articles & Papers for Department Chairs - List of Resources 

Schedule of Spring 2017 events

Working Well with our Faculty Colleagues

Monday, February 13th
Presenter: Suzanne Tapp

One of the most difficult roles of the department chair is dealing with challenging faculty and staff members, those colleagues who for various reasons disrupt the work of the department. Sometimes chairs inherit the problems from their predecessors, and sometimes changes within the institution, the department, or someone's personal life can bring about less than helpful behavior. In this Chair Academy session, we will consider several case scenarios and work collectively to think about how to handle these situations with positive, thoughtful strategies. 

Clarifying Our Expectations for Promotion and Tenure

Thursday, March 2nd
Presenter: Rob Stewart

Promotion and tenure are issues of the utmost importance for faculty career development, and the department chair plays a crucial role between the administration and faculty in this process. Join us as Senior Vice Provost, Dr. Rob Stewart, facilitates a discussion about expectations for promotion and tenure. A survey will be sent to all attendees prior to the session to gather specific questions and points for discussion.


Growing Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Implementation at the College and Departmental Levels for Fall 2017: Requirements, Recommendations and Endorsements

Tuesday, April 4th
Presenters: Genevieve Durham DeCesaro and Paul Pare

The primary theme for the Texas Tech Quality Enhancement Plan is “Bear Our Banners Far & Wide: Communicating in a Global Society.” Join Vice Provost Dr. Genevieve Durham DeCesaro and Director for the Center for Global Communications, Dr. Paul Paré, as they give an update about plans for the QEP and the roles of department chairs and faculty.

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