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Virtually visit the College of Media & Communication

College of Media & Communication

December 9, 2020

360 Degree Photo of College of Media & Communication

Our people and programs are what make the College of Media & Communication special, but it does help to have great facilities in which they can thrive. We invite you to visit our building by clicking through our new virtual tour! Have you ever wanted to see what it's like to sit in one of the booths at The Raider 88.1 KTXT-FM? Look at a large lecture hall from the professor's perspective? Or walk around our state-of-the-art research labs? Now you can! Our new virtual tour features eleven unique Tour Stops around our building that you can link to directly from the front door, or you can explore in your own way by clicking through a self-guided tour of our building. There's even a section of the tour featuring some of the most iconic places around Texas Tech's campus. Virtually visit us today!