Texas Tech University

2020-2021 CoMC Faculty & Staff Awards

College of Media & Communication

July 5, 2021

The College of Media & Communication's faculty and staff were well-recognized during Texas Tech University's annual award ceremonies over the past academic year. Teaching and support awards like those listed below, as well as faculty grant awards and collaborations showcase the commitment CoMC personnel have toward the higher education and academic research enterprises. These awards highlight work that involves high levels of student opportunities, support, and engagement, as well as innovative research in a variety of arenas. Congratulations to all awardees!



Teaching Awards Recipient 
President's Excellence in Teaching Award

Harrison Gong (ADBS)

Provost's Institutional Effectiveness Excellence Award

Department of JCMI

Texas Tech Alumni Association's New Faculty Award

Ioana Coman (PR)

Outstanding Organization Adviser of the Year (2021 Student Org Awards)

Megan Condis (COMS)

Diamond Award (TTU Teaching Academy/TLPDC)

Kelsey Moore (PCOM)

Professing Excellence Award (2021 University Student Housing)

Jenna LaFreniere (COMS)

2020 Ronald S. Blicq Award for Distinction in Technical Communication Education (IEEE Professional Communication Society)

Kelli Cargile Cook (PCOM)

April 2020 Game Day Professor 

Lara Mandrell (PCOM)
2020 Cohort Member (Institute for Inclusive Excellence)

Dustin McDunn (PCOM)
Apple Polishing Award (Mortar Board)

Jo Langston (PR)
Faculty Fellow, 2020-2021 (TLPDC) Jody Roginson (MCOM)


Research Awards  Recipient
President's Faculty Book Award  Lyombe Eko (JCMI)
Outstanding Researcher Award Justin Keene (JCMI)
Chancellor's Council Distinguished Research Awards Asheley Landrum (ADBS)
Faculty Research & Support Funding for Diversity Program Ioana Coman (PR) Sherice Gearhart (PR)


Ph.D. Student Awards     Recipient          
Dissertation Graduate Student Fellowship Carolina Perez
Ashraful Goni
Chaitra Kulkarni
Natasha Strydhorst
Dissertation Completion Fellowship Kristina Janet
Phil Chauveau
Willow Sauermilch


Teaching Awards Received Recipient
President's Excellence in Engaged Scholarship Award Rob Peaslee (JCMI)
President's Excellence in Engaged Scholarship Award Randy Reddick (JCMI)


Research Awards Received Recipient
President's Faculty Book Award (1st Place) Amy Koerber (COMS)
President's Faculty Book Award (2nd Place) Megan Condis (COMS)
Outstanding Researcher Award Asheley Landrum (ADBS)
Chancellor's Council Distinguished Research Awards Eric Rasmussen (PR)
Appointment to Teaching Academy (Spring 2020) Lisa Low (PR)


Other Recognitions Received Recipient
President's Leadership Institute (Fall 2020) Barbie Chambers (PCOM)
President's Excellence in Diversity & Equity Award Julia Heard Witt (UA)


Grants Awarded in 2021 Recipient
Grant Award (NSF) $86,231
Social Capital and Resilience in the 2021 Winter Storm
Chris Chu (PR)
Grant Award (Waterhouse Family Institute) $9,295
Is Facebook Biased Against My Opinion? Testing the Influence of Comments on the Hostile Media Effect and a Solution to the Problem
Sherice Gearhart (PR)
Ioana Coman (PR)
Grant Award (NSF) $169,491
Leveraging Advanced Cyber Infrastructure and Developing Organizational Resilience for NSF Large Facilities in the Pandemic Era
Kerk Kee (PCOM)
Grant Award (Arthur W. Page Center) $4,500
Organizational Social Listening and Corporate Climate Advocacy: What Happens When Organizations Don't Listen?
Ioana Coman (PR)
Grant Award (NSF) $199,975
Conversational Agents for Supporting Sustainable Implementation and Systemic Diffusion of Cyberinfrastructure and Science Gateways
Kerk Kee (PCOM)
Grant Award (Roadtrip Productions, LLS) $10,000
Roadtrip National Research Survey
Nick Bowman (JCMI)
Justin Keene (JCMI)
Jaime Banks (ADBS)
Asheley Landrum (ADBS)
Grant Award (NSF)$91,928
Influencing Young Adults' Science Engagement and Learning with COVID-19 Media Coverage
Asheley Landrum (ADBS)


Grants Awarded in Prior Years (Still Active in 2021) Recipient
Grant Award (NSF) $277,022
Cracking the Code: Millennial Science Engagement
Asheley Landrum (ADBS)
Grant Award (USDA) $22,207
Improving Commutation of National Animal Health Monitoring System Studies
Amber Krause McCord, Co-Investigator (PCOM)
Grant Award (NSF) $241,926 (Transferred to TTU)
Organizational Capacity and Capacity Building for Cyberinfrastructure Diffusion
Kerk Kee (PCOM)
Grant Award (Air Force Office of Scientific Research $730,469 ($459,922 transferred to TTU)
Moral Agency in Robot-Human Interaction (MARIA) – Perceptions, Trust, and Influence
Jaime Banks (ADBS)
Grant Award (NSF) $364,452 (CoMC portion $119,998.80)
The Origins of Magnetite-Pipes in the Bushveld Complex, South Africa and Their Strategic-Mineral Resources
Raul Arif, Co PI (JCMI)
T.J. Martinez (JCMI)
Grant Award (National Endowment for the Arts) $44,077
NEA Research Lab on The Arts, Health, and Social / Emotional Well-Being
Justin Keene, Co PI 
Grant Award (NSF) $345,702
STEM Training in Ethics of Publication Practices
Amy Koerber (COMS)
Lyombe Eko (JCMI)
Kerk Kee (PCOM)
Glenn Cummins (JCMI)
Grant Award (Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas) $320,623
Consumer Decision Making in Healthcare
Katie Langford, Co PI (COMS)
Grant Award (The CH Foundation) $50,414
Prairie Chicken: Bellwether of the Plains (documentary film and exhibit)
Jerod Foster (JCMI)