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CoMC Alumna Mentors Current Students at Career Development Conference

James Loss

February 23, 2022

CoMC Alumna Micaela Rosinski

Each spring semester, the College of Media & Communication invites students to explore professional connections and future opportunities at the Career Development Conference. The event is made possible by dozens of alumni volunteers such as Micaela Rosinski, vice president of corporate reputation at Edelman, who attended the conference as a student long before she returned as a mentor.

Rosinski was in her last semester of a bachelor's degree in public relations when she visited the Career Development Conference in Dallas, Texas, in 2014. Like many of the students in attendance, she hoped to locate a fruitful path for her upcoming plunge into the professional world.

“The Texas Tech media and communication network in DFW is massive,” says Rosinski. “There are so many people who are willing to support and invest time in students, help you get to the next level and start your career.”

She found exactly that in Martha Neibling, director of marketing and public relations for Gaylord Texan Resort. After a productive conversation, Rosinski secured an internship with Neibling's team.

“She waited for me to graduate in May, then I was able to be their intern,” says Rosinski. “I don't think I would have gotten that opportunity had I not gone to the Career Development Conference and reached out and made connections.”

Rosinski has since made large strides in her career. In December of 2021, Edelman approached Rosinski with a job offer after she proved herself as a savvy and headstrong communicator. With another Career Development Conference slated for January 2022, Rosinski again found herself in the DFW area. This time, she sought to give back the great favor delivered by Neibling eight years ago.

“At the end of the day, the mission of our alumni association is to raise money for the next generation of Red Raiders,” says Rosinksi. “The overwhelming and overarching theme is put back in what you take out. I had so many people who were willing to help build my career and now, to take an hour here, 30 minutes there, have the meetings with the people who reach out and want the help—it's worth it.”

Even before her appearance at the 2022 Career Development Conference, Rosinski spoke on a panel at the 2019 conference. There, she met Joey Pfund.

Pfund, now the executive communications manager at Microsoft, reached out to Rosinksi after her speech, thanked her for coming in, and connected with her on LinkedIn. In 2022, Pfund was the event chair for the Career Development Conference, and he stayed with Rosinski while traveling for the event.

“He's a good friend now,” says Rosinksi. “At the same time, we were in the same field in terms of corporate communication. So, when I was getting ready to make my move [to Edelman], we would talk on the phone because he had been doing the interview track before landing the gig at Microsoft. He was able to give me great advice.”

Rosinski represents a unique bond between alumni and students within The College of Media & Communication. Not only did she receive help from an alumnus as a student, but she has spent multiple years putting back in what she took out. Not to mention, the assistance she received from Pfund further demonstrates a full cycle of camaraderie for Red Raiders.

“There's just something special, I think, about Tech,” says Rosinski. “But it's on each generation of new alumni to keep that going. Help support others, help students, and just keep it growing because that's how the spirit is going to keep improving.”

Rosinski's story of student-to-mentor is a small slice of multiple alumni who bring aid and support to many uncertain students at the Career Development Conference.

“A lot of companies, especially smaller companies, want to find somebody through networking, people they know, or through interns or people they are connected with without going public. Because when they go public, it is a big process to get someone hired for these jobs, so they just keep it tight and close and ask, ‘Who do you know who can you put me in touch with?'” - Kim Rice, Vice President at VRG, Inc.

“From that one degree, I am a testimony of #AnyIndustryAnywhere. Because that degree went from being one of the founding agency members of match.com 25 years ago, working at TracyLocke, Miller Brewing Company, and now having my own agency, Phenixx Marketing and Media.” – Telea Stafford, President / Brand Strategy Director at Phenixx Marketing LLC

Rosinski continues her phenomenal work at Edelman, all the while supported and motivated by the Red Raider family.

“I would say getting to make the alumni connections I did eight years ago and seeing how their careers have evolved and how they show up for the people around them, it definitely influences me,” says Rosinski.


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