Texas Tech University

Eaglin Named Banner Bearer for Fall 2022

Andrea Payne

December 7, 2022

Texas Tech College of Media & Communication

The College of Media & Communication is home to a distinct group of students who excel inside the classroom and beyond. From the many organizations CoMC has to offer, such as Tech Advertising Federation (TAF) and Bullet Ad Team, to students who maintain high grade point averages, the college is where future leaders begin their journey.

For some students, it is a true passion to represent much more in CoMC.

Te'Rone “TJ” Eaglin, a senior Advertising major with minors in Creative Media Industries (CMI) and Media Strategies from Houston, was selected to represent the College of Media & Communication as the banner bearer for the fall 2022 commencement ceremony. Banner bearers are chosen based on academic and extracurricular achievements, leadership and professionalism—of the 206 members of his CoMC graduating class, Eaglin possessed these qualities all while being one of seven to maintain a perfect GPA. 

“When I first came to Texas Tech, I didn't have many expectations in terms of what I was going into,” said Eaglin. “That quickly changed once I saw all the possibilities, opportunities and great people the college presented to me and had to offer. By the end of my freshman year in the College of Media & Communication, I knew more and more I was meant to be here.”

Eaglin not only felt inspired to begin his studies within the college as a freshman, but he enjoyed his major enough to stay for four years and continue his passion.

Eaglin with Will Rodgers and Soapsuds

Once he made the decision to be a part of CoMC, Eaglin knew his success would not come easily or overnight. He realized the courses he enrolled in were designed to make him think and work on a different level and his professors were there to encourage him further.

“With classes I have taken in this college, they have pushed me beyond my limits in some instances and this helped me grow as a student and person,” said Eaglin. “Things are going to be difficult at first, but I've learned it's also about staying with it and getting past that difficulty. A lot of times when things seem out of reach, we think it's a lot and wonder why we're doing it. In the end, we're able to reflect on what we thought was too difficult and be proud in what we've done.”

Eaglin took his experience and positive mindset and applied it heavily during his final semester in one of his capstone campaign courses where he was the creative director for 806 Live. He and his team were tasked with raising $1,500 for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Southwest. In the end, they managed raising $2,500. 

As for post-graduation plans, Eaglin has already secured a full-time position with a company he has worked for prior to graduation and in his dream location.

“I plan to go full time with a non-profit organization I have been able to work with for the past couple of years,” said Eaglin. “The organization is called Thirst Project and they are the world's leading water organization that is based out of Los Angeles. I've been handling all their non-profit and digital marketing initiatives for social media and influencer campaigns. Los Angeles has always been one of the places I've wanted to move to so it's a great end goal to have.”