Texas Tech University

Redefining the Game: Buscher Breaks New Ground as Team Reporter

Andrea Payne

December 1, 2023

Casey Buscher

In the world of sports where every moment counts and every victory is celebrated, CoMC alumni have consistently stood out as a driving force behind the scenes. With a deep excitement for the game and an unwavering commitment to excellence, it is no wonder how CoMC graduates carve remarkable paths in this industry. Their journey is a testament to the dedication and expertise required to make a lasting impact in the competitive world of sports.

Casey Buscher, a respected 2018 Electronic Media & Communication graduate from Euless, Texas, has emerged as a dynamic force for the Dallas Wings and Panther City Lacrosse Club as a director of digital and social media and team reporter. With a stellar academic background and unparalleled expertise in storytelling, her inspirational leadership shows her true commitment to the field.

“I have always had a passion for working in sports and I knew it was the only route I wanted to go,” said Buscher. “Whether it was playing sports, watching sports, or working in sports, it was something I was sure I always [aspired] to do.”

With no backup plan in mind, Buscher was devoted to getting her foot in the door as a woman in the industry. Not only was she active as a Dean's Student Ambassador, but she made the decision to be as plugged in to CoMC as she could be. 

“Through the College of Media & Communication, I was able to brainstorm and figure out ways to build my resume reel as a sports reporter,” Buscher said. “I was able to work with professors, MCTV, and the Double T Insider— I was given many opportunities here. I was also celebrated in CoMC through everyone being so helpful, giving me advice, or even supporting me in general. Overall, there was such a family [bond] within the college where I felt I had the most backing.”

As a team reporter for a prominent sports organization, Buscher is thankful for hitting the ground running with her career while still a student. From burning the midnight oil to delivering timely post-game analyses and conducting athlete interviews, she continues to go above average standards. 

Buscher said going after the things you want early on is the key to anyone's success.

“Getting involved as soon as possible with internships and in the field you want to be in is probably the most important thing,” said Buscher.

“I'm happy I was able to get involved with working in sports immediately as soon as I started school— working on resumes, building connections, and utilizing everyone around me is what gave me a good foundation for post-grad [life].”

Texas Tech University's College of Media & Communication offers Day One opportunities to students that are unmatched— it is also proof that students who pursue degrees in the college can do so all while creating the future they have always dreamed of.

Along with the seven programs and majors CoMC offers, the college also offers five undergraduate certificates, including Sports Media. This allows students to gain an advanced educational experience before leaving the classroom.

Even today, Buscher is able to share fond memories of her time in the College of Media & Communication. She encourages students to go after the life they want and to know nothing is impossible.

“Never feel like you are not qualified enough for a position— always put yourself out there,” said Buscher. “Pursuing what you love no matter the pay is also a big thing. All you need is one yes for an opportunity.”