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TTU President notes CoMC achievements in National Advisory Board address

College of Media & Communication

Lawrence Schovanec, Ph.D., President, TTU

Texas Tech University is special and it is growing.

That's what TTU President Lawrence Schovanec, Ph.D., noted at the CoMC National Professional Advisory Board annual meeting on Nov. 2.

In support of this statement, the president, a former department chair of mathematics on campus, showed several slides that demonstrated how TTU and the College of Media & Communication are excelling in the present – and preparing for the future.

According to Schovanec, Texas Tech's freshman enrollment has increased by 34 percent to more than 6,000 students, and the student-to-faculty ratio has improved as classes are shrinking in size to allow more personalized instruction in the classroom.

“We do continue to grow, but we're not obsessed with growth,” he said.

Schovanec went on to note that not only is it important to attract new students to the Red Raider community, it's even more important to retain those students who are already enrolled.

Recent reporting from the TTU Office of Institutional Advancement shows that CoMC excels at student retention with its 90.7 percent retention rate for first-time degree-seeking freshmen.

“I believe that this is the highest of all undergraduate-serving colleges at TTU,” added David D. Perlmutter, Ph.D., CoMC professor and dean. “This shows we are attracting motivated students who love our curricula, people and culture!”

Schovanec added, “the staff and faculty of CoMC frequently go out of their way to mentor students to keep them connected with Tech.” 

Along with significantly successful retention rates, CoMC has also been moving up the ranks with regard to academic research. The college now numbers 34 in the Shanghai Jiao Tong Academic Ranking of World Universities, a number that Perlmutter reports is the highest of any academic program at Texas Tech.

“That the two indicators [undergraduate student satisfaction and high research productivity] have achieved such heights at the same time is doubly significant,” he said. “Our faculty and programs balance devotion to the success of individual students, keeping up modern curricula, and fulfilling the mission of a major research university.”

These soaring numbers are no accident for the college.

“Our staff and engaged alumni support our students and the mutual enterprise of student success and research productivity,” added Perlmutter. “Teamwork means excellence across the board!” 

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