Texas Tech University

Shan Xu

Assistant Professor
Public Relations & Strategic Communication Management

Email: Shan.Xu@ttu.edu

Phone: +1.806.742.6500

Office: 602

Hours: By appointment

Shan Xu


Shan Xu is interested in how people make media choices and how that influences their physical health and psychological well-being. One of her research interests is the use of real-time and longitudinal data (e.g., longitudinal data, psychophysiological measures) in conjunction with mathematical and computational models to study the dynamics of media choice and media effects. A current focus of hers is the reciprocal influences between media multitasking and well-being across time. One main application of this research is to better understand how media multitasking during eating influences people's choices on junk food and healthy good; another application is to investigate how multitasking in daily life impacts adolescents' psychological well-being over time. She publishes in journals in communication and cross disciplines, such as Health Communication and Computers in Human Behavior, and has won research awards and grants.