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Global and International

In today's society, national borders often have little meaning when it comes to the flow of information. News websites from across the globe can be browsed at a moment's notice, and users from around the world can share information on social media. Researchers in the College of Media & Communication examine international aspects of both mass and interpersonal communication from a variety of perspectives, including differences in how media systems operate, how news media coverage can shape our view of the world, and more.

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How Media Coverage Shapes our International Worldview

For most people, much of what we know about other countries is learned through the media. From entertainment to news coverage, we often learn about other cultures and countries through what we read or see on screen. However, media coverage can sometimes paint an incomplete or inaccurate picture. Research by public relations professor Dr. Sherice Gearhart explores how television news covered events in Nigeria to illustrate how that news consistently focuses on negative events in the region. Read the full article.

The Influence of U.S. Media Law on Foreign Countries

Often when people discuss U.S. influence on the world, the conversation may focus on politics, entertainment, or sports. But research by Dr. Lyombe Eko demonstrates how a landmark court ruling about defamation in the United States has influenced other countries. His research suggests that U.S. court rulings are reflected in how numerous countries handle allegations of defamation in news coverage of public officials. Read the full article.

Global Coverage of U.S. Presidential Elections

It goes without saying that every four years, presidential elections are the focus of a dizzying amount of news coverage in the U.S. But this intense media scrutiny is not limited to just the United States, as journalists from around the globe report follow the election closely to discuss not only how candidates are performing but also how the election has a worldwide impact. Regents Professor and Director of the Thomas J. Harris Institute for Hispanic and International Communication partnered with an international team of scholars to undertake an ambition and groundbreaking study of global coverage of the 2012 U.S. presidential election. Learn more about the book.

Global & International
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