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Social Relationship Research

Whether it's face to face, through social media, or apps like FaceTime, communication is a constant part of how we relate to one another. The study of communication in interpersonal relationships involves exploring the dynamics of family relationships, dating, marriage and more.

Flirting Face-to-Face Versus Texting

Phones are a constant companion, so it's no surprise that they've become a constant part of our day-to-day lives in just about everything we do, including our romantic relationships. CoMC communication studies professor Dr. Narissra Punyanunt-Carter's study of college students reveals some unique motives for why young adults flirt through texts, including different motives for men versus women. Read the full article.

Media Depictions of Divorce

What we see on TV doesn't always match with reality, and that includes how the media depict divorce. Researchers from the College of Media & Communication the Department of Human Development and Family Studies interviewed children of divorced families to see how well the media capture that experience. Their research shows that entertainment content can capture both the good and bad side of divorce. Read the full article.

The Impact of Family Conflict on Children's Emotional Health 

Parents don't always get along, and that can have repercussions on children's emotional health. But those effects can depend on just how well children can regulate their own emotions. Communication studies professor Dr. Jenna Shimkowski's study of more than 170 children showed that while kids' ability manage their own emotions is important, it can simultaneously contribute to their awareness of family conflict. Read the full article.

Team-Based Learning in the College Classroom

Working in teams or in small groups is a common experience for many people. So it's no surprise that in addition to learning about a specific subject, many college classes also focus on teaching students how to work in teams. Dr. Luke LeFebvre, director of the Communication Training Center at Texas Tech University, has explored how this team-based learning can be brought in public speaking courses. By having groups reflect on their work, he shows how this teaching style can have multiple benefits. Read the full article.

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