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Speech & Rhetoric

Speech & Rhetoric

The study of human communication dates back thousands of years, and that tradition continues today.  Learning how to be an effective communicator is an essential part of higher education, and public speaking or professional communication courses are how many of us learn those skills.  But the study of human communication is more than just public speaking, and scholars in rhetorical communication carefully examine a variety of texts to dissect their meaning, origins, or potential persuasive effects.  Scholars in the College of Media & Communication examine both oral and written communication to answer questions surrounding the effective presentation of information and its impact on society.

Using Video Playback to Improve Public Speaking

More than a million college students take public speaking courses each year, and those classes have long been an esstential part of a college education. But the tools used to teach these skills continue to evolve. Communication studies professor Dr. Luke LeFebvre has examined how self-examination using video playback can help students improve their public speaking skills, and his work offers useful insight for public speaking professors everywhere. Read the full article.

Exploring #BlackLivesMatter

The #BlackLivesMatter social media campaign has attracted tremendous attention since it began in 2013, and it continues to reflect how social media platforms can be used to express political opinions. Research from Communication studies professor Dr. Katie Langford chronicles the origins of the movement and explores its power to illuminate social injustice in contemporary society. Read the full article.

Speech & Rhetoric
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