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Sports communication research

Despite constant shifts in television—how we watch, where we watch, and when we watch—sports remains one of the most popular genres on TV. Millions of viewers across the globe tune in to watch their favorite game, match, or competition on a daily basis, and sport viewing is increasingly something we do on our smartphones and tablets. Broadcast sports are more than just entertainment, and advertisers continue to rely on sports as a vehicle for reaching consumers, either through paid advertising, sponsorship, or other marketing efforts. Researchers in the College of Media & Communication study sport communication from a variety of perspectives to examine this popular genre of entertainment.

Can Watching Sports Make You Happier?

No matter the season, watching sports on TV is one of our favorite and most popular pastimes. But for some fans, seeing their favorite team win or lose can have far-reaching impacts. Research from CoMC advertising Professor Dr. Eric Jang explores why this is the case. Read the full article.

Making Broadcast Sports Exciting

Nothing compares to the excitement of watching a close game come down to the wire, a last-minute touchdown, or walk-off home run. But it's not just the on-field competition that makes watching sports exciting. Research from CoMC faculty and students has shown how those who produce televised sports can use a variety of tools and techniques to enhance what you're seeing on screen. One recent study showed how simply hearing the crowd in the stadium can make at-home viewers rate games as more exciting. Read the full article.

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