Texas Tech University

Alumni Profiles

Anthony Galvez, Ph.D.

Dr. Galvez is currently working as an assistant professor in the Communication department at Rhode Island College (RIC). He is currently co-chair of the RIC Dialogue on Diversity committee that is dedicated to promoting issues of diversity and inclusion campus wide. As part of his duties, he consults with the President of RIC on issues related to diversity and oversees a yearly lectureship and conference. He has also been tapped by the RIC administration to participate in the development of the Central Falls Innovation Lab which is currently working with inner-city students, many of which are Hispanics and ESL students, to make sure that every possible obstacle is removed from their path to applying and getting accepted to college.

He has also been successful in bringing the Global Lens Film series to RIC. During the year, 10 international films are shown to students and the films are made free to the public. He has developed a partnership with the Providence Public Library to screen the Global Lens Films and have made this a vehicle for talking to an often non-academic audience about the benefits of a diverse society.

“Because of the work I was a part of while an active member of the Thomas Jay Harris Institute for Hispanic and International Communication, I now find myself in a position to take on leadership roles in Rhode Island. Thanks to the many lessons learned while working with HIHIC, I've been able to work with many great people to promote ideas that I am very passionate about. I certainly hope that HIHIC continues to play an important role in the TTU MCOM curriculum.”

Nancy Garcia, M.A.

Nancy is the Coordinator of Student Success Initiatives at West Texas A&M University in Canyon, Texas. A 2011 TTU Mass Communications Master's graduate, she is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Higher Education Administration through Texas Tech and is expected to graduate in August of 2016. She is an active member of Los Barrios de Amarillo, a non-profit organization dedicated to increase awareness and promote higher education and career opportunities among, but not limited to, the Hispanic youth in the panhandle area. She is also a member of the Texas Association of Chicanos in Higher Education (TACHE), a professional association committed to the improvement of educational and employment opportunities for Hispanics in higher education and a recipient of the 2014 TACHE Graduate Fellowship Award.

“Through my involvement with HIHIC, I gained a greater understanding of the use of academic research to benefit individuals. By being an active member, I assisted with research in the health communication field which provided me with a sense of purpose as the data was being used to generate better tactics to serve the Hispanic population's medical needs. I am an advocate of higher education, especially among the Hispanic youth of our communities. With that being said; the expertise and academic research skills earned through my involvement with HIHIC have supported the efforts and initiatives to promote higher education within the Amarillo community. Additionally, I feel more qualified and prepared to support the efforts of enrollment and retention of students of diverse backgrounds.”

Dane Kiambi, Ph.D.

Dr. Kiambi is an assistant professor of public relations in the College of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He has a keen interest in the role and impact of public relations and strategic communication fostering democracy, good governance, economic growth, and healthy lifestyle in the developing world.

He is actively engaged in research in reputation management, crisis communication, and health communication. He has taught courses such as strategy development for advertising and public relations, special topics in international public relations, and special topics in crisis communication.

“The Thomas Jay Harris Institute for Hispanic and International Communication helped me make long lasting connections with scholars and professionals within and outside the College of Media and Communication. The many brainstorming research sessions, meetings with professionals, and potlucks that HIHIC organized were useful in helping me build relationships with scholars and professionals. I remain indebted to HIHIC.”