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Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships 2015-2018
Strategic Partnerships 2015-2018

Communicating effectively involves more than just making messages.

It involves thoughtful, theoretically informed strategy paired with empirical assessment to evaluate message effectiveness.

Effective communication is not a one-size-fits all approach. CoMC faculty have expert knowledge in a wide array of theories that can be applied across many topics including health, science and the environment, and more. Whether your goal is simply conveying information to the public to increase knowledge and awareness, trying to measure and shape attitudes, or encourage adoption of behaviors, partnering with CoMC faculty researchers helps you develop a strategy to achieve your goal.

Simply creating a message is not the same as measuring its broader impacts. Researchers from the College of Media & Communication employ a range of methodologies to study the impact of a message on your desired audience. From nationwide surveys to randomized controlled experiments to in-depth interviews, our faculty use a variety of approaches to explore communication questions in many contexts.

CoMC faculty have partnered with units from across campus and beyond on research projects and grants.  Communication is a crucial component of shaping how people understand complex issues, our faculty routinely engage in interdisciplinary partnerships to address topics across STEAM disciplines and the humanities.


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