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Undergraduate and graduate student researchers are a vital part of the research mission of the College of Media & Communication. Students serve as active partners in the research activities within the College, and learning about the value of research is a vital to training the next generation of communication professionals.

Student Research Success Stories

What does student research look like? Learn more about CoMC students' research experience and the value it provided.

Robyn AdamsRobyn Adams always had an interest in media and communication. Her experiences with undergraduate research in the College of Media and Communication at Texas Tech University helped her find new ways to look at her interests and set her up for graduate school and a potential career in communication research.

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Lauren Kriss, Student ResearcherLauren Kriss, a sophomore Public Relations major, got involved with undergraduate research during her first semester at Texas Tech University. Her media literacy professor, Andy King, Ph.D., put out a call for research assistants, and she threw her name in. Kriss said she was picked, despite being a freshman, and began to run a video experiment for him in fall 2015 and then an eye-tracking experiment in spring 2016.

Read about Lauren Kriss' research experience at TTU CoMC.

Why do research?

Getting involved as a student researcher plays a unique role in your educational experience. Although taking classes on media and communication research are a required part of your coursework, actually conducting research brings that material to life in a whole new way. Through first-hand experience, you can learn research skills and produce research insights that help distinguish you after graduation.

You can also learn about careers in media and communication research that you may have never considered before. Research is a vital part of effective communication, helping identify the right approach, the right audience, and the right channel to distribute your message. Plus, a growing number of companies are relying on cutting-edge labs and technologies like those available in the Center for Communication Research.

Getting involved in research is also a great way to prepare for continued study in graduate school. In addition to getting more experience in conducting research, you can also learn through partnering with master's and doctoral students in the College.

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