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Newsweek has ranked Texas Tech University the No. 1 online school in the nation!

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Whether it's your end goal, a path to a better job, or the first step in your university career, Texas Tech has a bachelor's degree program for you.

Bachelor's Degrees


A master's degree from Texas Tech is within reach, wherever you are. We have the affordable educational options you need to start something new.

Master's Degrees


We offer more online doctoral degrees than any other institution in Texas, taught by the same prestigious faculty that teach our on-campus courses.

Doctoral Degrees


Our certificates are designed to meet the needs of working professionals. Pick the one that could be the boost you need to move ahead!

Certification PreparationCertificates

Texas Tech University has the right online program for you.


Texas Tech is ranked #1 on the lists of the Best Online Colleges in Texas for 2018 by bestcolleges.com and onlinecolleges.com.

We are recognized as one of the top online disability-friendly institutions in the nation by guidetoonlineschools.com.

Texas Tech University earned a 2018-19 Top 10 Military Friendly School designation from Victory Media and G.I. Jobs and was the first institution in Texas and third in the nation designated as a Purple Heart University.

We have dozens of other top rankings in categories from most affordable to the best of specific graduate degrees.

We have eight unique regional teaching sites across the state that offer a traditional classroom experience.

Our online and distance courses are taught by the same award-winning, widely-published faculty with diverse research interests that teach our face-to-face courses.

We also offer transfer scholarships for community college students wishing to finish their degrees at Texas Tech.

Students who reside outside the State of Texas are currently charged a rate comparable to that of in-state tuition when they enroll solely in online courses at Texas Tech University.

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Student Stories

Photo of Shelcee

Learn Where You Live.

Shelcee graduated in three years from TTU at Highland Lakes in her hometown of Marble Falls. The TechTeach program not only helped prepare her for her first teaching job but allowed her to obtain her dream degree!

Stay close to home.
Photo of Gail

Change direction.

Gail wanted to advance her career to where she could "affect change and acquire leadership and teaching roles." Taking online classes afforded her the flexibility to work and pursue a doctoral degree at the same time.

Make a change.
Photo of Alana

Finish what you started.

Being a non-traditional student, Alana knew how hard it was to start something new, especially when you have other commitments. But she had a special reason that she grabbed the opportunity: her daughter.

Why not finish?
Photo of David

Grab your opportunity.

As a veteran who has been out of the military for 22 years, it was important to David to have options to make the most of his degree. It doesn't hurt that his veteran's education benefits are accepted at Texas Tech.

Accept the challenge.
Photo of Jessica

Accomplish your goals.

Although Jessica encountered some life-changing circumstances on her way to her doctorate degree, the online programs at Texas Tech gave her the flexibility and freedom she needed to achieve her dreams.

Why not finish?
Graphic of Masked Rider Mascot

Your story here…

Are you a current or past Texas Tech University eLearning student? Do you have a story about how our programs have helped you? We would love to hear about your experience!

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With our 24/7 chat and online support, every online and distance student can reach out for assistance with financial aid, account balances, IT support and more at any time. You can get help whenever—and wherever!—you need it. We make it easy to be a Red Raider!

Online Student FAQs

How much do online programs at Texas Tech cost and are they more or less expensive than on campus programs?

Please use the TTU Online Tuition Estimator to calculate your approximate program cost. Please note: the student tuition estimator is intended only for the purpose of estimating tuition and fees based on the information entered. Costs for housing, food, books and other expenses are not included. Certain fees may not be included, and you should always rely on your actual tuition bill for calculating payment. The output generated by the tuition estimator is not a guarantee of future costs. Tuition and/or fees are subject to change at any time.

How much is the online tuition for out-of-state students?

Students who reside outside the State of Texas are currently charged a rate comparable to that of in-state tuition when they enroll solely in online courses at Texas Tech University.

Can I use GI Bill benefits to help pay tuition for online programs?

For information about GI Bill benefits, contact the Military & Veterans Program by calling (806) 742-6877 or e-mailing mvp@ttu.edu.

What scholarships are offered for my program? How can I apply?

For information about the scholarships offered by your program, please visit the  Scholarships Office website.

How do I apply for online programs?

Please contact the individual program advisors for specific application procedures.

What is the application deadline for my program?

Application deadlines vary by program. To learn the deadline for a specific program, you will need to contact the program coordinator, visit the program's website, or contact the school/department for deadline information.

Will Texas Tech honor my credits earned years ago?

You will need to contact the Office of the Registrar for credit transfer information. You can call the office at (806) 742-3661, submit a question to their support team, or visit the Transfer Evaluation Office website.

Are online programs offered completely online?

Most programs are fully online but some online programs may require students to attend a face-to-face orientation or face-to-face sessions in the summer, etc. The program website should indicate if there is a face to face component. Your program advisor will be able to answer this question in detail.

How do I get my books for online courses?

Students order their books from the Texas Tech Bookstore. Your instructor will check availability but please order in time to get the books before the semester begins. Other readings, such as PDFs of articles, be should available from the TTU Library's Course Reserves site. As a distance student, you are entitled to request other readings through Document Delivery/Interlibrary Loan.

When do online classes start and how long do they run?

Our online classes follow the same schedule as our on-campus classes so they will start concurrently.

I'm an online student. Do I have to attend Red Raider Orientation?

Student situations vary from case to case. If you have questions about whether you need to attend a Red Raider Orientation session, please contact RRO at (806) 742-2993 or redraiderorientation@ttu.edu.

What hardware and software requirements are required for the online courses?

Hardware and software needs will vary by program, but online students will require a computer or laptop and internet connection at the very least.

Will my degree indicate that it was earned online?

Your degree will look identical to the degree earned by a student on campus. The degree will not reflect if it was earned online or on campus.

Can I walk in my graduation ceremony if I earn my degree online?

Absolutely. Please be sure to let your advisor and/or your department know that you intend to walk at your commencement ceremony.

Does Texas Tech offer mini-mesters and 5-week programs?

The university does offer mini-mesters but not for every program. To learn if a certain program offers mini-mesters, contact the program's department.

Will I have access to the Texas Tech University library system?

Yes. In fact, the library has a section of their website dedicated to Worldwide eLearning students and a personal librarian to help with any question you might have finding resources for your classes.

Who should I contact if I have any other problems or questions?

For general and technical questions, please visit our Student Support portal or call (806) 853-5153.

I'm interested in online and distance elementary, middle or high school courses. Can you help me with that?

Texas Tech kindergarten through 12th grade classes are administered by TTU K-12.


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