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Within the doctoral program in Fine Arts with a field of specialization in Art, “Critical Studies and Artistic Practice,” students examine diverse discourses in the visual arts, exploring their trans-disciplinary margins as well as their disciplinary strengths. The field of specialization in Art considers the political, economic, and aesthetic matrices in which the arts are embedded. It provides knowledge, intellectual strategies, and critical skills that facilitate scholarly achievement at the highest level, innovative contributions to knowledge, and a variety of professional activities in the arts. In addition to traditional topics, a professional problem or a formal internship can constitute the focus of a dissertation, subject to advisory committee approval. School of Art

Admission to the Fine Arts Doctoral Program is a dual-pronged process. Interested students must apply both to the Graduate School and to the School of Art. Admission is based on meeting the requirements of the Graduate School as to prior academic record and GRE scores, obtaining a recommendation from the School of Art’s doctoral admissions committee, and meeting the approval of the College of Visual and Performing Arts Graduate Committee.

To obtain application forms and program information about the doctoral program in Fine Arts with a field of specialization in Art, contact:

Graduate Coordinator (Ph.D.)
School of Art
Texas Tech University
Lubbock, TX 79409-2081
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