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University Career Center and HireRedRaiders Process

During Opportunity Days the Department of Personal Financial Planning and the University Career Center work closely to ensure the job posting and interview process is easy for professionals and students. We are happy to help you troubleshoot any issues you may have during this process. 

Companies & Professionals

Companies will post their jobs on an online hiring system called HireRedRaiders that is run by the University Career Center. Jobs will be posted for all Personal Financial Planning students to apply for during a certain time frame. Once the jobs close, companies will be emailed to log into HireRedRaiders to make their selections. Companies will be able to see the resumes of all students who applied for their jobs. Companies can choose to interview all students who applied for their posting or only a select few. Once selections are made, the students will be emailed to select a spot on company interview schedules that are maintained by the University Career Center. 

Upon registration for Opportunity Days, companies will be able to build their interview schedules with the University Career Center. 

Please note that Opportunity Days is only for Personal Financial Planning students. Students from other academic colleges and majors are unable to participate in this event.


Students will apply for jobs and internships through HireRedRaiders. In order to see the companies that will be here for Opportunity Days, students must have their profile set up in HireRedRaiders, their major declared as "Personal Financial Planning" and they must have a resume attached to their profile. If any students need help with that process, please contact the University Career Center.

Timeline for Job Process 

  • Tuesday, January 19: HireRedRaiders is open for companies to post jobs for Opportunity Days. Companies can post jobs or you can contact Brooke A. Wilson and she can post jobs. 
  • Wednesday, February 3: All companies are encouraged to have their jobs posted by this date so students have ample time to review all job openings. 
  • Sunday, February 7 at 11:59 PM: All jobs will close for applicants on HireRedRaiders. Companies will receive an email asking them to log in and make selections of who they would like to interview. Please note that companies must select their own students. The University Career Center and the Department of Personal Financial Planning cannot make selections for you.
  • Sunday, February 14 at 11:59 PM: All companies must have selections made by this date. 
  • Monday, February 15: Students will log in and populate the interview schedules of those companies who selected them to interview.
  • Monday, February 22 by 5:00 PM: Companies will be emailed their interview schedule by Brooke A. Wilson. If companies have any openings, they are welcome to invite students throughout the event to fill in open spots. 
  • Wednesday, February 24 – Thursday, February 25: 2021 Opportunity Days