Texas Tech University

Personal Financial Planning

PFP Alumni Advisory Board

The Board's primary aim is to promote and support the Personal Financial Planning (PFP) program at Texas Tech University, thereby enhancing the educational experience and value of the degree for the mutual benefit of all stakeholders.

Specific goals include at least the following:

  • To communicate with PFP faculty regarding industry trends and developments that help solidify and maintain the PFP program's position as a dynamic, innovative industry leader.
  • To provide constructive feedback from an industry perspective to PFP faculty regarding the practical application and relevance of certain planning methods used in preparing PFP students to excel in their careers.
  • To recommend changes, adjustments, and/or improvements that serve to edify the image, reputation, and character of the PFP degrees at Texas Tech and further increase their value on campus, within the financial planning profession, and to the consuming public globally.
  • To coordinate fundraising efforts for the express benefit of advancing the PFP program and its ability to educate students and place high quality graduates into the financial planning profession in perpetuity.
  • To build a strong, effective alumni network that embodies the high ethical standards of personal and professional integrity and accountability that meet or exceed the principles set forth by the CFP Board of Standards.
  • To mentor and nurture PFP students in their pursuit of academic, personal, and professional excellence; leadership development; and interaction with alumni.
  • To serve as a feedback and/or advisory resource for the student-led Personal Financial Planning Association (PFPA).
  • To facilitate the recognition of outstanding students, faculty, and alumni.

Calendar & Timeline for AAB

Board Term (3 years) September 1 – August 31

Board Meetings (3-4):

  • October Meeting (In-person/Phone Call)
    • Fall Career Day (TBD)
  • February (In-person/Phone Call)
    • Opportunity Days
  • June (Phone Call)
    • Discuss nominations/elections
    • June 15th: Due date for new member nominations
      • Nominations via the TTU PFP website
    • June 16th – July 14th: Voting for new board members
  • July (Voting)
    • July 15th: New members notified
    • July 16th – July 31st: Nominations for Executive Committee
    • July 31st: Executive Committee notified
  • August (Phone Call)
    • Include all new members and those rolling off

Advisory Board Nominations

Submit A Nomination

Current Members

Executive Board

Brandon Ratzlaff, CFP®, MS President

Abby Hasling, CFP®,  President-Elect

Jennifer Calvi, CFP®, MS, Secretary



Adrienne Anthony

Ginnie Baker, CFP®, MS

Channon Cain, CFP®, MBA, CRC, CFS

Preston Cherry, CFP®, MS, PhD

Daniel Coomes, CFP®

Michael Graham, JD, MS,

Mason Hebert, CFP®

Shelby Huber, CFP®

Kyle Imhof, CFP®, MS

Devonee Kershner, CFP®

Brittany McGehee

Dallas McKee, CFP®, MS

Katie Olson, CFP®

Jennifer Pritchard, CFP®

Zach Reyes, CFP®

Jennie Spurlock, CFP®, MS

Emily Swerdlow, CFP®, CDFA

Carey Yeary Hilburn, CFP®, MS

Student Liaisons

Samantha Gomez, Undergraduate Student

Deandre Geels, MS Student

Tiffany Murray, Ph.D. Liaison & Red to Black

Faculty/Staff Liaisons

Vickie Hampton

Mitzi Lauderdale

Rebecca Velez