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Double T Society

With your gift of $25,000 in 5 years, you have the power to foster an environment of innovation, creativity, outreach, and impact. The Double T Society is dedicated to creating such an atmosphere, driving the evolution of the field, and paving the path forward.*

Research Initiatives 
Kickstart a research project with a $10,000 gift. 

Curriculum Innovation 
Accelerate curriculum innovation with a gift of $10,000 per course. 
Launch a new 9 credit hour certificate program for $30,000.

International Endeavors 
Expand our reach by supporting international experiences, study abroad courses, and collaborations with a gift of $15,000-$20,000.

Outreach & Experiential Learning
Enhance the impact of our outreach initiatives and programs with a gift of $20,000-$30,000.

Generate innovation in recruitment to find and attract the best students and future leaders across the U.S. with a gift of $20,000.

Join Now

After the initial gift is made, Johnny Fowler or Brady Subart will contact you to coordinate a pledge agreement.

Circle of Excellence

Foster excellence through continuous learning, professional engagement, relationships, teamwork, and service. Your annual contribution as a member of the Circle of Excellence will open doors for student learning and career development, enabling the school to initiate essential new projects and provide distinct opportunities that enhance the overall excellence for our students and faculty. No matter the size, your regular donation plays a crucial role in supporting our students and cultivating a culture of excellence within the Texas Tech School of Financial Planning.*

Student Support
Empower a student's participation in conferences, professional development events, or experiential learning opportunities with a generous gift of $1,500.
Send five students with $7,500.

Make our events shine with a $2,500 gift per event. (e.g., career, graduation, retreat, back to school)

Credentialing Exams 
Help a deserving student take a credentialing exam while in school, such as the AFC® or CFP®.
$500-$1,000 per student.

Professional Memberships
A $50 donation can fund an annual Financial Planning Association (FPA) membership for a student. 

Mentoring Programs 
Support student-to-student and student-to-alumni mentoring gifts of $50 - $100 to provide food and supplies for meetings and events.

Send a speaker to campus with a $3,000 gift.

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*The above are example uses of unrestricted gifts rather than contractual gift restrictions.

Founding Members:
Double T Society

Mark Allen
Michael J. & Elizabeth M. Anderson
Ginnie Baker
J. Brent Beene
Laurie Belew
Crystal Borhani
Jaime Boyles
Kimberly Bridges
Channon Cain
Steve & Julie Cecil
Preston D. Cherry
Derek Childs
Dan Coomes
Shaun M. Dowling
Dottie Bagwell Durband
Deena Katz & Harold Evensky
Cathy M. Figert
Brandon Garrett
John C. Gilbreath
Michael & Ashley Guillemette
Phillip P. Hamman, IV
Vickie & Gordon Hampton
Fay Keane-Headley
Todd E. Holt
Jeremy Hudson
Kyle Imhof
Heath Jackson
Albi Kacani
Mr. and Mrs. Kamden D. Kanaly
Eddie Kramer
Amanda Lott
Ajamu Loving
Daniel R. Mauck
Jason McGarraugh
Dennis & Aubrey Moore
Barry & Stepheny Mulholland
Byron E. Newby
Brandon Ratzlaff
J. Tyler Russell
John & Katie Salter
Kati Romines Starkey
Lyndsey Stevens
Emily Swerdlow
Trudy Turner
Jarrod A. & Amanda J. Upton
Rebecca Velez
Michael Walsh
Mark Wolff
Bryan Zschiesche

*bold indicates gift has been paid in full