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Gifts of Distinction

Gifts of Distinction TTU PFP

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The Texas Tech University School of Financial Planning is the most comprehensive, prestigious financial planning program in the country, proven to produce career-ready professionals. This gift will establish the first endowed personal financial planning program and school in the nation.  


Recognize faculty achievement and recruit world-class scholars to the School of  Financial Planning. Professorships supplement faculty salaries and provide funds to support research and creative scholarship.

Endowed Chair 

Honor distinguished faculty with an endowment gift to support exceptional achievement or leadership.  

Endowed Director 

This gift will establish an endowment to fully support the School of Financial Planning Director. Endowments like this provide funding to support the school director's strategic vision and initiatives.

Charles Schwab Foundation Personal Financial Planning Clinic Naming Opportunities

About the Clinic

  • Community Classroom: This space is used to train students and host financial education presentations for families and individuals in Lubbock. 
  • Atrium: This is the reception area that community members will use to enter the Personal Financial Planning Clinic.  
  • Staff office: Support staff efforts through the creation of a designated staff office in the clinic.

For questions, contact Johnny Fowler at Johnny.Fowler@ttu.edu.