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Are you looking for CFP Board ethics CE? We've got you covered.

Live session by Dr. Linda Leitz on September 7th from 8-10 am at the TTU DFW campus located at 4201 N. State Highway 161, Suite 250, Irving, Texas 75038.

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The School of Financial Planning is committed to professional development and research in the areas of the psychology of financial planning, financial therapy, and financial health and wellness. We advance this cause through virtual and in-person training opportunities. 

Interested in pursuing a graduate credit?

Get started with the graduate-level certificate program online and work towards your master's degree in personal financial planning.

There are three courses required for the graduate-level certificate program:

PFP 5377 Psychology of Financial Planning I

Using self-discovery, students will explore and apply theory, counseling fundamentals, and communication techniques for effective interactive client communication in financial planning and counseling. Addresses personal relationships with money, including emotions, beliefs, and behaviors. 

PFP 5378 Interdisciplinary Approaches to Financial Health & Wellness

Multidisciplinary approaches will be used to understand human behavior and promote client change in the context of financial planning. Addresses systemic relationships and group dynamics.

PFP 6394 Psychology of Financial Planning II

Theories, methods, and assessments underpinning financial health and wellness research. Critically examine academic research articles within financial health and wellness using a variety of methodologies.  

Wanting professional development?

Certificate Programs (not-for-university credit)

Certificate in Psychology of Financial Planning 

Certificate in Psychology of Financial Planning 

  • Eligible for 10 hours of CFP Board, FTA, and AFCPE CEU
  • Asynchronous—Progress through 10 modules at your own pace
  • Open to financial professionals at all levels of experience
  • Covers ALL CFP Board Principle Knowledge Topics within the Psychology of Financial Planning domain
  • Each module contains:
    • An intro video from your instructor, Dr. Sonya Lutter, CFP(R), LMFT
    • Material to read and watch
    • An experiential learning activity
    • A self-reflection journaling exercise

Executive Certificate in Financial Health & Wellness (in-person @ DFW)

Executive Certificate in Financial Health & Wellness

Executive Certificate in Financial Health & Wellness

  • Eligible for 28 hours of CFP Board CEU + 2 hours of ethics
  • For advanced financial planners seeking an intimate, in-person experience at the Texas Tech corporate campus in Irving, Texas
  • Join an elite group of peers to take a deep dive into the world of Financial Health & Wellness

Are you a researcher or interested in sponsoring a research project?

Read more about our current research initiatives and apply for collaborative research opportunities. Read Here


Dr. Sonya Lutter
Email: Sonya.Lutter@ttu.edu