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Texas Tech Center for Financial Responsibility

Become a partner in our research initiatives at the Center for Financial Responsibility.

Join the Center for Financial Responsibility (CFR) by supporting the innovative research they are conducting in areas of retirement planning, risk management, financial health, and financial planning history, or participate in one of the monthly research series lunches.

Research Opportunities

Financial Planning Research Series

FP Research Series is a monthly speaker series hosted by the Department of Personal Financial Planning and Center for Financial Responsibility. Each month researchers present a working paper from the fields of financial planning, finance, human behavior, retirement, or consumer economics. The goal is to promote productive multi-disciplinary research related to personal financial planning.

For more information, please contact Ashley Guillemette

Archives for the History of Financial Planning

The Financial Planning History Archives is responsible for acquiring and preserving items of historical significance to the financial planning profession. Valuable historical resources will be made available onsite, electronically and through educational public outreach programs.

For more information about this initiative, please contact Bill Gustafson.