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Mitch Anthony

Mitch Anthony first introduced the idea of financial life dialogues to financial services in 2001 with his seminal book, Your Clients for Life. and in 2005, Mitch introduced a groundbreaking new measure for financial success: Return on Life™.

For almost two decades, Mitch Anthony has been recognized as a thought leader and one of the most impactful keynote speakers in the industry. He appears at major conventions around the world with his themes of “Moving from ROI to ROL” and “The New Retirementality.”

He has been named one of the financial services industry's top “Movers & Shakers” for his pioneering work in Life-Centered Planning. 

The author of 12 industry books, Mitch continues to equip Life-Centered Planners through his books like Your Client's StoryThe New Retirementality, and From the Boiler Room to the Living Room, and his Financial Life Planning columns in Financial Advisor Magazine and The Journal of Financial Planning.

Mitch is the founder of four nonprofit organizations in the arenas of suicide prevention, youth empowerment, and financial inclusion. 

Mitch Anthony