Texas Tech University

Retirement Planning & Living Research Initiative Working Papers

Paper Title Author(s) Date Working Paper No.
Is Math Literacy a Determinant of Early Financial Literacy? An Investigation Based on State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness PK Joseph, Charlene M. Kalenkoski, Donald J. Lacombe October 2019 2019-005
Impacts of Financial Literacy and College Graduation on the Real Per Capita Gross Domestic Product and the Real Per Capita Income of the U.S. States PK Joseph, Charlene M. Kalenkoski, Donald J. Lacombe June 2019 2019-004
As Math Literacy Goes, So Goes Financial Literacy- Based on International Educational Systems PK Joseph, Charlene M. Kalenkoski, Donald J. Lacombe June 2019 2019-003
In or Out or Somewhere in Between? The Determinants of Gradual Retirement Charlene M. Kalenkoski,  Sara Helms McCarty September 2019 2019-002
Vitamin D, Cognitive Function, and
Gait Speed in Older Adults: A NHANES Study
Charlene M. Kalenkoski, Conrad Lyford, Thomas Korankye, Meredith Gavin, and Alan N. Peiris June 2019 2019-001
Less is not More: Information
Presentation Complexity and 401(k)
Planning Choices
Eric Cardella, Charlene Kalenkoski, Michael Parent  May 2018 2018-02
Framing Longevity Income Michael Guillemette, Jesse Jurgenson, Deanna Sharpe, Xianwu Zhang March 2018 2018-01
The Psychology of Portfolio Withdrawal Rates Sarah Asebedo, Christopher Browning November 2017 2017-04
Risks in Advanced Age Michael Guillemette May 2017 2017-03
The Psychological Predictors of Older Pre-Retirees' Financial Self-Efficacy Sarah Asebedo, Martin Seay, Kristy Archuleta, Gary Brase May 2017 2017-02
Financial Self-Efficacy Beliefs and the Saving Behavior of Older Pre-Retirees Sarah Asebedo, Martin Seay May 2017 2017-01