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The Department of Financial Planning at Texas Tech University is widely recognized as the leader in financial planning education. This reputation was earned through years of innovation and excellence in the field leading to the first and forthcoming School of Financial Planning. Faculty are nationally and internationally recognized for their accomplishments both in and out the classroom, students are actively involved and highly successful in national competitions, and many alumni are recognized leaders in the professional community. The School has a broad range of successful programs and is in constant pursuit of new opportunities that support its goals of solidifying financial planning as a highly desired and sought-after educational opportunity and professional career.

Given such, the founding School Director will be expected to lead in a manner that is consistent with this tradition of excellence and propels the School of Financial Planning at Texas Tech University to new levels of future success.


  • Founding School Director; Personal Financial Planning
  • Tenured/Tenure-Track; Nine-month/Three-month (Twelve-month total), administrative, teaching, and research appointment

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