Texas Tech University

Michael A. Guillemette, Ph.D., CFP®

Associate Professor
Personal Financial Planning

Email: michael.guillemette@ttu.edu

Phone: (806) 834-6697

Office: HS 243


Michael Guillemette


Assistant Professor at Texas Tech University (2017-present); Assistant Professor at University of Missouri (2013-2016)

American Council on Consumer Interests CFP Board Financial Planning Research Award (2015)

Research Interests

Risk management, insurance, behavioral finance

Classes Taught

Wealth Management (PFP 3386); Research Seminar in Asset Management (PFP 6381)

Recent Publications

Martin, T. K., Guillemette, M. A. and Browning, C. M. (2016). Do retirement planning strategies alter the effect of time preference on retirement wealth? Applied Economics Letters, Forthcoming.

Finke, M. S. and Guillemette, M. A. (2016). Measuring Risk Tolerance: A Review of Literature, Journal of Personal Finance, Forthcoming.

Guillemette, M. A., Martin, T. K., Cummings, B. F. and James, R. N. (2016). Determinants of the stated probability of purchase for longevity insurance. Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance – Issues and Practice, 41(1), 4-23.

Guillemette, M. A., Hussein, M., Phillips, M. and Martin, T. K (2015). Minority household size and the life insurance purchase decision. Financial Services Review, 24(1), 37-50.

Guillemette, M. A., Martin, T. K. and Gibson, P. (2015). Investor Sophistication and Target-Date Fund Investing. Journal of Retirement, 2(4), 22-29.

Guillemette, M. A., Yao, R. and James, R. N. (2015). An analysis of risk assessment questions based on loss-averse preferences. Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning, 26(1), 17-29.

Guillemette, M. A., Browning, C. M. and Payne, P. (2015). Don't Like the Picture? Change the frame: The impact of cognitive ability and framing on risky choice. Applied Economics Letters, 22(18), 1515-1518.