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The classes listed below are available to ALL Texas Tech students.

Undergraduate Minor

Studies in Personal Finance Minor

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Course Pre-requisites
PFI 1305 None
PFI 2301 None
PFI 3321 Co-requisite: PFI 2301   OR   PFI 3301
PFI 3341 PFI 2301   OR   PFI 3301
PFI 3361 PFI 2301   OR   PFI 3301
PFI 3381 PFI 2301   OR   PFI 3301

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 Email: hs.personalfinance@ttu.edu


Undergraduate Courses for All Texas Tech Students

PFI 1305. Life, Love, and Money (3).
Examines interconnected behaviors among various human relationships & money to provide life skills designed to improve decision-making abilities in the areas of money, relationships, time, & values. A broad array of behavioral research is introduced from economic, psychological, neurological, & socio-cultural perspectives. Fulfills core Social and Behavioral Sciences requirement. Distance, virtual, and on-campus. F, S, SS.

PFI 2301. Personal Financial Literacy (3).
Focuses on developing a financially literate citizen who is capable of making sound financial decisions based on financial and life goals. Excel will replace the use of a financial calculator. Distance and on-campus. F, S, SS.S.

PFI 3321. Financial Counseling and Consumer Credit
Introduces students to the financial counseling process and provides a detailed examination of various types of consumer credit and strategies to manage debt. Fulfills service-learning requirement. Writing Intensive. Distance and on-campus. F, S, SS.
Pre-requisite/Co-requisite: PFI 2301 or PFI 3301

PFI 3341. Personal Finance: Financial Goal Strategies (3).
Provides a detailed examination of the process related to planning, managing, and achieving major financial goals such as emergency fund planning, purchasing/leasing automobiles, buying/renting housing, and funding education and retirement. Distance. F, S, SS. 
Pre-requisite: PFI 2301 or PFI 3301

PFI 3361. Personal Finance: Managing Risks (3).
Focuses on the concepts of risk management and how to plan for managing risk, including building cash reserves, investing in human capital, and purchasing insurance. Also covers employee benefits, government entitlements, and estate planning. Distance. F, S, SS.
Pre-requisite: PFI 2301 or PFI 3301

PFI 3381. Personal Finance: Investing (3).
Focuses on the fundamentals of personal investing to meet financial goals, including cash management, investing terminology, risk and return, tax implications of investments, stocks and bonds, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, portfolio management, and retirement income management. Distance. F, S, SS.
Pre-requisite: PFI 2301 or PFI 3301

PFI 4101. Getting Your First Job (1).
Introduces practical financial choices regarding employee benefits when starting a career, including a basic understanding of job searching, tax planning, investment options, and risk management. Not for credit towards the PFP major, PFP minor, or PFI minor. Distance. F, S, SS.