Texas Tech University


A search for light in terrible conflict

When: 01/26/2015 at noon.
Where: TTUHSC's ACB 100.

Bring a brown bag lunch to ACB 100 (HSC) and listen to Nelson Guda--contemporary artist, activist and TEDx speaker--speak about projects that have taken him from isolated wilderness to international conflict zones.

Guda writes, "I am an artist and photographer. In 2011 I began a project to try and understand how people move back into a place of light from extreme tragedy and conflict. I called the project 'ENEMIES' and began traveling to conflict zones around the world. I have already done work in Kenya, South Sudan, Rwanda, India and Kashmir. In the beginning I brought people together from opposite sides of conflicts, listened to their stories and photographed them together in the same space. Later I met with ex-militants and visited mass graves. This isn't an academic study or a humanitarian effort. I am an artist, and the art from this project is meant to move people and make them think. I see these acts of bringing people together and trying to understand resilience as a form of art in its highest sense of expression of the human experience. After returning from Kashmir in 2012, I spent six months coming to grips with mild PTSD, and I found my own resilience being born out of the stories I had heard from the places of deepest tragedy. The ENEMIES Project is not about conflict. It is about light." - See more at: TEDx

No admission fee.

Sponsors: Office of Global Health, Office of International Affairs, ICASALS, and The CH Foundation.