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Advice from Current International Students

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The advice below is from 10 current Texas Tech International Students. These students are our 2021-2022 Global Guides. They are volunteers, who work year long as a friendly face and mentor to incoming international students. 

Yufei Wu

"Lubbock is not a typical good first-impression city that I think of, but I find it more and more attractive as I live here longer. It is a city with a warm heart and open arms. It is vibrant and blooming with opportunities, yet at the same time, a very tight community. Be confident, be real, and be nice to people and you will find so many friends.

One thing that you might want to consider is to get a driver's license because this city is designed for driving. If you can't get a license, that is ok because you can carpool with people and that makes you friends with each other really fast!

There are a lot of good restaurants in Lubbock and going out with friends is a great way to build relationships. Bring a pair of rain boots and you will thank me in spring. Bring your favorite hometown snacks, they will bring you familiarity in a foreign country and give you a little taste of home. Lastly, be ready to be challenged! Don't worry, because there are a lot of people who care about you here and we've all got your back! You are going to be just fine 😉"

~ Yufei (China) 

This page is still being updated for Fall 2021!

Check back soon for more advice! - 07/26/21