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Worldwide Showcase 2023

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Worldwide Showcase 2023

This Years Competitors:

Group Performers

Tech Kahaani

Tech Kahaani: Representing India -

Tech Kahaani is the one and only Bollywood Dance team at Texas Tech. This year they've made history and represented Tech at The Baylor Gateway to India Dance Competition. They give back to the community by volunteering and performing at many on-campus and off-campus events. We're excited to showcase our ancestor's culture at World- Wide Showcase this year.

Latin Dance Club

Latin Dance Club: Representing Latin America

Latin Dance Club is a group for students who enjoy social dancing or wish to learn it. We provide free dance lessons taught by our members (who are from all over the world). We also host social gatherings to put our moves to the test!

Sri Lanka TTU 2023

Sri Lankan Student Association: Representing Sri Lanka

The purpose of the Sri Lankan Students Association at Texas Tech University is to promote awareness about Sri Lanka and to address the needs of Sri Lankan students at Texas Tech while working in partnership with the Lubbock community.


The Classical Quintet Representing India-

We're a diverse group of budding engineers and scientists who came together to give you a glimpse of the rich Indian music culture. We represent different departments of TTU, namely physics, geosciences, biology, and industrial engineering. We also practice music in various different forms like vocal, and instrumental. Our shared passion for Indian music has brought us together.

Independent Performers (2 or less)

Mei Gill

Mei Gill:  Representing Japan

Mei was born in Tokyo, Japan, and has since lived in nine countries. She most recently graduated high school in Harare, Zimbabwe, and is now a sophomore at Texas Tech University. She is majoring in Plant and Soil Science and minoring in Japanese. She someday hopes to pursue a career in international development in relation to agriculture. Mei has always been passionate about singing and musical theatre and is working on expanding her Japanese song repertoire to better connect with her Japanese American culture.


George Kitaka: Representing Uganda

George Kitaka is a Ugandan music educator, scholar, and a performer. He plays and teaches a variety of African Indigenous musical instruments, ranging from membranophones, chordophones, to aerophones and idiophones. Kitaka has performed on several platforms both locally and internationally, in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe, and America. George Kitaka plays and simultaneously accompanies himself with voice.


Mounika Durbha & Sadhana Adivi: Representing India-

We are thrilled to introduce ourselves as childhood best friends who share a passion for Indian classical dance, particularly the Kuchipudi dance form. Over the past 20 years, we have been performing together and have had the privilege of showcasing our talent at numerous national and international programs and competitions. Our dedication and hard work have paid off, resulting in several awards and accolades throughout our journey.


Audience members will have the chance to vote for their favorite performer in each division. 

You will need to use your cell phone to cast your vote so make sure it is fully charged!

Is this event Free?

YES! This event is entirely free and is open to the general public not just Texas Tech.


The Allen Theater is located in the Student Union Building on Texas Tech Campus. 

Please use the map provided for the exact location


Parking is free on campus on weekends.

Suggested parking for the SUB is the Library parking lot on the South side of the Library and the newly rebuilt parking lot between the Grad school and the SUB.

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