Texas Tech University

International students in the opening Texas Tech football game for the 2014 season

On Saturday afternoon, August 30, over 100 international students attended the opening Texas Tech football game for the 2014 season. The group met outside the International Cultural Center and were escorted to the stadium. For many of these international students, this was their first time to experience an American Football game. This event provided an opportunity for international students to experience TTU Football together, as a community of students who are not accustomed to the sport, the fan culture, or the student crowd.


Game day can be hectic for any fan. This opportunity was created by the Office of International Affairs to make international students feel comfortable about attending a football game and to introduce a new aspect of Lubbock culture to our students. Attending this game as a group provided the students a comfortable communal environment from which to explore the extravagant spectacle and phenomenon known as “Game Day.”

Written by: Tracy Tindle

Email: tracy.tindle@ttu.edu

Edited by: Jane Bell
Email: jane.bell@ttu.edu

Posted date: 09/04/2014