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Students watch opening game of 2014 FIFA World Cup

Fifa Opening Game

An enthusiastic mix of international students and graduate students gathered for the opening game of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The event was sponsored by the Office of International Affairs in collaboration with the Graduate School. The opening game attracted over 150 students to the Graduate Center where the game was displayed on three large screen, HD televisions. This free event also included snacks, drinks, and soccer-themed cakes.

The teams from Brazil and Croatia each attracted a vocal fan base, with both sides bursting into applause whenever their team scored. The Brazilian contingency erupted in cheers when Brazil sealed a 3-1 victory over Croatia! Funding for this event was provided by the Office of the Senior Vice President and Vice Provost.

Written: Tracy Tindle
Email: tracy.tindle@ttu.edu

Edited by: Jane Bell
Email: jane.bell@ttu.edu

Posted date: 06/20/2014