Texas Tech University

IRD announces recipients of 2018 Seed Grants

The International Research and Development Division (IRD) of the Texas Tech University Office of International Affairs was formed to assist the development of multi-investigator, multi-disciplinary international projects. In support of this mission, the Grants Administration unit works with faculty to identify and disseminate international research and development grant opportunities, and to help develop and submit large, multi-disciplinary proposals to funding agencies. IRD also administers the International Research Seed Grants program. The grants provide seed funding which allows faculty to develop new international research collaborations leading to externally-funded projects. Awards are generally limited to $2,000 or less, but up to $5,000 may be available for more ambitious projects with strong academic unit support and cost sharing.

Applications have come from across campus units and disciplines. For 2018's Seed Grant cycle, winners include: Dr. Karin Ardon-Dryer from Geosciences, Dr. Clifford Fedler from Civil, Environmental, & Construction Engineering, Dr. Roxie Godfrey from Family & Consumer Sciences Education, Drs. Lourdes Juan, Kevin Long, Angela Peace, & Greg Mayer, from Mathematics and Environmental Toxicology, Dr. Narissra Maria Punyanunt-Carter from Communication Studies, Dr. Stephanie Shine from Human Development & Family Studies, Dr. Jyotsna Sharma from Plant & Soil Science, Drs. Cameron Griffith & Hemachandra Reddy from Geosciences & the Garrison Institute on Aging, and Dr. Beth Thacker from Physics & Astronomy.

"The international seed grant program allows TTU and TTUHSC faculty to create new connections in other countries and begin joint projects that often lead to productive long-term academic collaborations," said Dr. Gad Perry, Senior Director of the IRD. "It gives preference to high-quality research in priority countries that involve relatively new faculty who have not previously been supported by the program."

The IRD Seed Grants have helped increase focus on the importance of international collaboration and research. The Seed Grant competition also reflects the ongoing commitment of the Offices of the Provost, the Vice Presidents for Research at both TTU & TTUHSC, and the International Research & Development Division of the Office of International Affairs to enhancing international research and development activities and scholarship.