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Supporting the Future of Planning - PFP Double T Society
Our Goal

Would you agree that Texas Tech has the best PFP program in the country?

Have you ever thought, "Where would I be were it not for my degree in PFP? Would I have had the same opportunities? Would I have accomplished all I have?"

Our Goal is to raise $1,000,000 through individual $10,000 pledges given by alumni. The first donors to donate at least $10,000, in at least $1,000 annual increments, will receive membership in the prestigious PFP Double T Society. Each member will be recognized by having one's name placed on this exclusive list and memorialized with a plaque in the Charles Schwab PFP Technology Complex so that others can see these names a year from now and know you made a real difference to the program. You will also be recognized at the program's annual spring Opportunity Days banquet.

It is hard to get to the top, even harder to remain there.

Being the best program in the country takes tremendous commitment on behalf of all its stakeholders. The PFP Alumni Advisory Board thought what better group of stakeholders than our own alumni to champion support for a capital campaign. We think our alumni should be the cornerstone of this campaign and we have created the PFP Double T Society to recognize the first 100 alumni responding to this call.

The program has certainly grown and accomplished a lot over the past 25 years!

We currently have 110 undergraduate students, 110 master's students, and 35 Ph.D. students. With over 140 years of industry experience, our faculty has more experience than any other program in the country. Designations held by our faculty: 16 Ph.D., 3 JD, 11 CFP®, 2 ChFC, 2 CLU, 2 AIF, 1 CPA, 1 PFS & 1 AFC.

In order to continue our path of excellence in personal financial planning, unrestricted funds allow us to be flexible in our ability to seize opportunities and provide ongoing experiences for the students in our program. In the past, unrestricted funds have allowed us to:


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2. Pay Later - Leslie McClure will contact you to determine when you want to pay your pledge. She will prepare a pledge agreement for you to sign. Texas Tech will mail you an annual pledge payment reminder. Click submit on this form to register your pledge. If you do not choose to make a payment at this time, simply close the browser window.

3. When you want to make a payment, make your check payable to Texas Tech Foundation and mail to:
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Texas Tech University
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Give us a call at 806-742-3031.