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Jordan Wallace

Texas Tech Student of Integrated Scholarship

General Business,
Rawls College of Business

Jordan WallaceGet involved! Find out what it is that you like doing and want to make a career out of. Whether you're spending an extra two hours a week or a full forty hours, you CAN do it.

One might say Jordan Wallace has an enterprising mind. Driven by his interests in numbers and in the intricacies of commerce, Wallace studied at the Rawls College of Business. Along the way, he helped his father with renovation projects and worked for several contractors, experiences that motivated Wallace to learn about sustainable building practices and extend his education into the area of architecture. Additionally, an internship with Lee Lewis Construction allowed Wallace to learn the ins and outs of building the new Rawls College and provided an opportunity for him to learn more about the business, in general. Despite his busy schedule, Wallace has dedicated time to helping several nonprofits, and in 2011 he formed his own organization to benefit the Children's Miracle Network and the neonatal clinic inside University Medical Center.

Learn more about Student of Integrated Scholarship Jordan Wallace in this question-and-answer session.

What got you interested in your major?

I've always had an interest in business operations and the formulation of a business. When in high school, I started my own candy sales business where I would sell candy during class hours and make between $60 to $80 a week. That doesn't sound like much, but it was an almost effortless task that kept me from working after school. Another driver to business was my curiosity of numbers. My sixth-grade teacher was an overall genius that spent many hours teaching me quick methods to solving problems.

What is the most challenging course you've taken? How has it affected you?

Finance was one of the more challenging course I've taken, and most business students could agree. Being introduced to stocks and investments was very complex from the beginning, but I was able to apply these methods when purchasing a car or reviewing my student loan.

Have you completed internships or had other work experience applicable to your field of study?

I've had experience with multiple contractors and even assisted my dad on some renovation projects in Dallas, Texas. Over the past two years I had the opportunity to help build the new Rawls College of Business Administration building. From the knowledge Lee Lewis Construction has taught and the background experience of the team I worked with, we were able to collectively build what is recognized as one of the most high-tech, energy-efficient buildings in Texas higher education. This internship has been one of the most essential steps in my career path. I was able to work with my school and provide suggestions to better the education processes of Texas Tech. Construction is one of the most amazing things, and there is constant building going on all around us. This work also gave me a better understanding of what upper management expects from college students and those graduating. In today's business environment, many companies look at previous work history to ensure you can handle the scope of work. I don't understand why students find jobs that don't help them further their passion or don't even attempt to work at all during college. It seems overwhelming to handle work and school, but the lessons learned from time management behoove anyone trying to make a difference. Plus, companies will appreciate a person that is organized and can be dependable when the opportunity strikes.

Have you participated in undergraduate/graduate research?

Participating in undergraduate research is essential in helping better future college students. By participating in surveys and logic tests, the faculty is able to relate to our learning habits. This in turn helps them educate us at a successful rate. Dr. Rinaldo's service marketing class was a great way to interact within the community through group projects, assisting small-business owners to research what it takes to run a business and provide customers with quality service. She also encourages students to try new things and learn about social networking beyond just using the apps.

What service projects (volunteering, community service, etc.) have you been involved in?

From 2007, I have worked with community partners such as Children's Miracle Network, Susan G. Komen, Diabetes Foundation, Dance Marathon, and Habitat for Humanity. In 2011 I created my own nonprofit organization that is supporting the Children's Miracle Network and the neonatal clinic inside of the University Medical Center.

What advice would you give to other students who would like to be a Student of Integrated Scholarship? Students of Integrated Scholarship balance academics with additional activities, such as research, internships, service learning, and study abroad.

Get involved! Find out what it is that you like doing and want to make a career out of. Whether you're spending an extra two hours a week or a full forty hours, you CAN do it. Looking back, I'm very thankful to the mentors that pushed me to make an impact. It all begins with you, though. Make the decision to make a difference.

What are your plans after graduation? What would you most like to achieve after you graduate? What are your career goals?

From previous internships, I have built a passion for large-scale construction focusing on education and medical projects. Lee Lewis Construction has provided me with an opportunity to further my education in their corporate office, which I plan to accept. My goal is to continue learning in this field and find a niche where I can deliver a modernized service to the industry. I'm a firm believer in green building practices and ethical operations. Not only are we building for today, but sustaining for tomorrow.

What experiences do you value most as a student at Texas Tech?

I look forward to game days when the fall semester rolls around—the tailgating, red-and-black face paint, tent camping, fire-blazing barbecue pits, and all the things that come together to make Red Raider Nation.


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