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Emerging Leaders Academy

Emerging Leaders Academy

We are pleased to offer the Texas Tech School of Banking Emerging Leaders Academy as a complementary program to the School of Banking. The academy is a series of 18 interactive videos covering topics that successful emerging leaders in banking depend on. Our goal is to help emerging leaders be aware of and develop critical skills that are required in today's rapidly changing and demanding banking environment.

We have partnered with Tim Tivis, principal of Pinnacle Training Group with over 30 years of bank leadership training experience and expertise, to develop the curriculum and videos. We are convinced that the nature of this material and training lends itself very well to an online approach, with you being able to watch the videos at your own pace over a two month period, including a brief role-play interaction via zoom with Tim Tivis. At $395 per person, we're confident that decision makers will view this as a very affordable and exceptional professional development opportunity.

Below is an abridged list of topics:

Interpersonal Skills and Individual Leadership Style Development

  • The Fundamentals
  • Interpersonal Skill Development: Verbal, Non-Verbal, Body Language and Appearance
  • CLIENT Communication System: A Model for Winning Communication Skills
  • DNA of Leadership and Business Development: The "Four Core"
  • Personal Leadership Style Development: Defining Your "True North"
  • Management, Leadership and Motivating Employees

Business Development Skill Development

  • Banking Trends and Customer Behavior Patterns and Demands
  • Your "Unique" Market
  • Branding Your Message: A Positive, Recognizable View of You and Your Bank

Business Development Application

  • The Prospect to Customer System
  • Identifying/Understanding the Prospect/ Trigger Points/Chameleon Effect- Who What Where and How You Find Them
  • The Eight Steps to a Successful Business Relationship
  • Role Play Demonstration and Assignment

Executing a High-Impact Performance Strategy

  • Establishing, Measuring, and Attaining Goals
  • The Concept of the "Pipeline 10": A Successful Approach to Goal Setting
  • Masters in Time Management: A Proven System to Turn Busy Days into Productive Ones


  • Role Play Exercise and Video Tracking to Ensure Working Knowledge of Concepts Learned
  • Certificate of Completion of the Texas Tech School of Banking Emerging Leaders Academy

Program Details

Registration Fee: $395.00
Registration is open.
Videos Available: Monday, August 12th
Videos Close: Friday, October 14th
Number of Videos: 18
Total length of Videos: 6 hours

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