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Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the Georgie G. Snyder Center for Business Communication (CBC).


What should I bring to my in-person consultation?

Either your laptop with the project or two printed copies of the project; assignment sheet and/or rubric (if applicable); job ad or essay prompt (if applicable); questions or concerns you want to focus the session on; a positive attitude ready for collaboration.

Are consultations just for course assignments?

Nope! While a good majority of our consultations are for course assignments, we can also help with your own personal professional communication projects such as emails, cover letters, pitches, and more!

Is it OK if I haven't started yet or don't have a complete draft?

Absolutely! We here to provide feedback at any stage of your communication process from beginning to end. Are you unsure where to begin? We can do a brainstorming session. Not sure if you're on the right track? We can take a look at partial drafts.

Will you check my grammar, spelling, and punctuation?

If we see major issues or consistent patterns in regards to grammar, spelling, or punctuation we'll certainly discuss those and show you ways to identify and revise them. However, strong business communications should focus on the audience, have intuitive organizational structure, and balance conciseness or completeness. A business communication could be free of grammatical errors, but if it doesn't address the audience's needs or concerns, it won't be effective.

How many minutes are consultations?

By default, our scheduler sets appointments to 30 minutes. However, you can schedule 60-minute appointments by adjusting the start or end time of the appointment. Just make sure the consultant you want to meet with is free for that hour.

What's your no-show policy?

If 10 minutes have passed from the start of an appointment and a student hasn't shown up, that appointment is marked as a no-show. After a student has two no-shows, their account is disabled.

Email us to have your account re-enabled.

Can you help with my job documents like a resume or cover letter?

We're happy to help with the content (bullet points) of your resume. However, if you're looking for general resume feedback or you want help with the formatting, we recommend meeting with the Rawls Career Management Center. They approve resumes to be used at the Rawls Career Fair. For cover letters, we can help at any stage of your writing process. We also have resources that can help you as you write your cover letter.

What if I need to cancel an appointment?

Students can cancel appointments 5-minutes prior to the appointment's start time. If you'd rather we cancel it for you, either send an email or call us at 806.742.1944, and we can cancel the appointment for you.

I need an appointment now, but the schedule is fully booked! What can I do?

Our scheduler has a waiting list for each day. As soon as an appointment slot becomes available, you'll receive an email notifying you. Keep in mind: that appointment will be filled on a first come, first served basis. If you need an appointment for class credit and the final day for credit is fully booked, we recommend you contact your instructor as soon as possible while also adding your name to the waiting list.

How can I make sure my instructor knows I attended a consultation for course credit?

Make sure you've added your course number and course instructor to your appointment information when scheduling the appointment. At the end of each semester, instructors will receive an attendance list of students who had consultations for course projects. Instructors will only receive a list of students who attended a consultation; no specifics about what was covered in the consultation will be given to the instructor.

Do you have walk-in hours?

As of now, we do not offer walk-in hours. However, if you walk in and we have an available appointment at that time, we'll be happy to schedule an appointment for that.

What if my entire group can't attend the consultation?

That's OK. We're happy to meet with as many group members who can attend the consultation. You'll just want to make sure to relay any information we discuss in the consultation to any members who couldn't be there.

Can I schedule an individual consultation for a group project?

Absolutely! Just because it's a group project doesn't mean only the group can schedule a consultation.

Taping Room

What can I schedule the Taping Room for?

Think of the Taping Room as a group collaboration space. You can reserve the Taping Room as a collaborative space to work on a group communication project (ex: group report or group presentation) or you can reserve the Taping Room to practice group presentations.

If I want feedback on an upcoming presentation, should I schedule a consultation or reserve the Taping Room?

If you want to meet with a communication consultant for feedback on any project, you'll want to schedule a consultation. If you reserve the Taping Room, a consultant will not be present with you.

Do all of my fellow group members need an account to use the Taping Room?

Yes, you'll want to make sure every group member has registered in our schedule before your Taping Room appointment. This gives us a better idea of how many students are coming through the CBC and using the Taping Room.


How long do workshops typically last?

Workshops usually last between 40 and 50 minutes.

Where are workshops held?

Workshops are held in the Taping Room of the Communication Business Center in BA 139 and are livestreamed for online viewing.

What should I bring to a workshop?

A computer or notebook for notetaking and a willingness to participate is all you need!

Can I suggest an idea for a workshop?

Absolutely! We always try to cover a wide range of topics with our workshops, but we're always interested in what students want to see. You can either suggest topics via a post-workshop survey or email topic suggestions.

Do I need to register ahead of time for a workshop?

Yes! This gives us a better idea of how many people are planning on attending a workshop. Registering for a livestream session is also the only way to receive the livestream link.


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