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Rawls Student Organization Grant Program


The Office of the Dean sponsors a competitive grant application to support student organizations within Rawls College. Total funding for this program will be $20,000 per year. All registered student organizations within Rawls College are eligible to compete for funding, with a maximum of $2,000 per organization, per year.

Funds may be used for student travel, national organizations dues, special organization functions, or other uses that promote the organization and college in a positive fashion. Priority will be given to student organizations affiliated with national/international student organizations and those with matching or supplemental financial support from areas, centers or Student Government Association.

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Rawls Student Org Grant Application Procedures

Purpose of the Grant

The Rawls Student Organization Grant Fund is designed to support student organizations within the Rawls College of Business. Its primary objectives are to:

  1. Enhance Student Organizations: To provide financial support that enhances the activities and opportunities available to student organizations within the Rawls College of Business.
  2. Advance the College: To finance projects and initiatives that contribute to the advancement and development of the Rawls College of Business.


Application Process

Eligibility Criteria

  • Only registered student organizations within the Rawls College of Business are eligible to apply for the grant.
  • Organizations must be in compliance with the TTU Campus Involvement Office's guidelines.

Application Submission

  • Student organizations must complete the official Rawls Student Org Grant Application Form by the published deadline.
  • The application form should include detailed information about the project or initiative for which funding is requested.

Review Process

  • The review process will be conducted by representatives from the Rawls Student Engagement Team and the Dean's Office.
  • Each application will be thoroughly assessed based on the following criteria:
    • Necessity of funding for the proposed project or initiative.
    • Alignment of the project with the goals and objectives of the Rawls College of Business.
    • How the organization has utilized funding in the past year.
    • Compliance with TTU Campus Involvement Office guidelines.
  • After the initial review, organizations will be invited for a 10-minute interview to further discuss their proposal.

Decision and Funding Allocation

  • The decision on grant allocation will be made based on the collective assessment of the application and a 10-minute interview with officers or representatives of the student organization.
  • Funding will be allocated in a manner that best aligns with the purpose and priorities of the grant fund.
  • Organizations will be notified of the funding decision in a timely manner.

Grant Requirements

  • Organizations that receive funding are required to use the grant for the stated purpose in their application.
  • Recipients may be asked to provide periodic updates on the progress of their funded projects or initiatives.

Appeals Process

  • If an organization believes there has been an error or unfairness in the grant application review process, they may submit an appeal in writing to the Rawls Student Engagement Team.

These procedures aim to ensure a fair and transparent process for student organizations applying for the Rawls Student Org Grant. They should be regularly reviewed and updated as needed to reflect any changes in the grant program or college policies.