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Get Involved. Be Engaged.


Your involvement with the Rawls College of Business lasts beyond receiving a diploma. At the Rawls College, we strive to maintain relationships and ensure success in all facets of life. We foster an environment where alumni are both proud of their education and actively contribute to its growth. As the Rawls College continues to grow and create more thought leaders in business, there is an even stronger need for a committed and alumni base. Whether donating time or financial gifts, there are plenty of ways our alumni can have a positive impact.

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How to Get Involved

  1. Update your contact information.
  2. Be a mentor.
  3. Join the Rawls Raiders Alumni Network.
  4. Give to Rawls.
  5. Hire Rawls graduates.
  6. Receive Rawls updates.
  7. Recruit future Rawls Raiders.
  8. Speak in a class.
  9. Share your news.
  10. Serve on a Board/Council: