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Rawls College Marketing Scholar Most Cited Article in the History of Prestigious Marketing Journal

April Chavez


A publication co-authored by Shelby Hunt is the most cited article in the history of the Journal of Marketing.


A recent article by a team of international marketing researchers that set out to inspire and provide guidance on the development of marketing knowledge identified an article co-authored by Shelby D. Hunt, Jerry S. Rawls and P.W. Horn Professor of Marketing, as the most-cited article in the entire history of the American Marketing Association's Journal of Marketing.

The article, The Commitment-Trust Theory of Relationship Marketing, was originally published in 1994 and has been cited over 27,000 times. Co-authored by Robert M. Morgan, a former doctoral student of Rawls College and now a professor of marketing at the University of Alabama, the article had previously been recognized as the most highly cited article in all of economics and business in the 1993-2003 decade (Thomson-ISI).

The Journal of Marketing develops and disseminates knowledge about real-world marketing questions useful to scholars, educators, managers, policymakers, consumers, and other societal stakeholders around the world. Since its founding in 1936, it has commonly been regarded as the premier research journal in the marketing discipline.

About Hunt

Shelby D. Hunt is the Jerry S. Rawls and P. W. Horn Professor of Marketing at Texas Tech University's Jerry S. Rawls College of Business. A past editor of the Journal of Marketing (1984-87), Hunt has authored dozens of influential books, including Marketing Theory: Foundations, Controversy, Strategy, Resource-Advantage Theory (M.E. Sharpe, 2010), Controversy in Marketing Theory: For Reason, Realism, Truth, and Objectivity (M.E. Sharpe, 2003) and A General Theory of Competition: Resources, Competences, Productivity, Economic Growth (Sage Publications, 2000).

Hunt has written hundreds of articles on competitive theory, strategy, macromarketing, ethics, relationship marketing, channels of distribution, philosophy of science and marketing theory and was identified as one of the 250 most "highly cited" economics and business researchers in the world (Thomson-ISI, 2003).

He received the 1986 Paul D. Converse Award from the American Marketing Association, the 1987 Outstanding Marketing Educator Award from the Academy of Marketing Science, the 1992 American Marketing Association/Richard D. Irwin Distinguished Marketing Educator Award, the 2002 Society for Marketing Advances/Elsevier Science Distinguished Scholar Award and the 2010 Marketing Management Association Innovative Marketing Award.

In 2011, Sage Publications published the ten-volume set, Legends in Marketing: Shelby D. Hunt. The volumes include 132 of Hunt's articles, 41 commentaries on Hunt's work by distinguished scholars and interviews of Hunt by each volume's editor.

In 2015, the Journal of Marketing, Harold H. Maynard Award was changed to the "Shelby D. Hunt/Harold H. Maynard Award" by the American Marketing Association. This award is given each year to the Journal of Marketing article that makes "the most significant contribution to marketing theory and thought."

In 2017, the American Marketing Association honored Hunt as a "Marketing Legend."

He has won countless other awards for his contributions to theory and science in the field of marketing.

You can read more about his work and awards here.