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Impactful Individual: Adrienne Carnes

Adrienne Carnes was recognized with the Raiders Who Rock: Above & Beyond award in 2019.

Rawls College  |  March 7, 2023

As Texas Tech University celebrates its centennial year in 2023, the Jerry S. Rawls College of Business will highlight impactful individuals from years past. While each person be it as a student, alumni, friend, faculty or staff member may have impacted the college or their industry differently, one thing will always be constant: they are all part of the Rawls College legacy.

Being an exceptional academic advisor requires more than just helping students plan their class schedules. An outstanding advisor, such as Adrienne Carnes, will serve as a mentor, offer support and go above and beyond what is required.

Since joining Rawls College as an academic advisor in 2008, Carnes has dedicated her attention to advising and mentoring undergraduate business students.

Despite having roughly over 5,000 students each year, Carnes, who is now the senior director of the Undergraduate Services Center, does whatever she can to ensure that each student thrives at Rawls College.

As students navigate uncertainties and challenges in their academic journey, Carnes approaches each situation with kindness, compassion and makes each student feel heard. But that doesnt mean that Carnes is afraid to push students. With a unique blend of compassion and no-nonsense guidance, Carnes doesnt sugarcoat things for students. Her honest and direct approach often requires difficult conversations with students and parents, but it is her tough love that often helps struggling students evaluate their situations and get back on track.

Her past advisees praise her excellent guidance, particularly mentioning how she prioritizes her advisees needs, both academically and personally. Carnes has been known to visit students in the hospital, provide a listening ear at any time day or night and ensure students have access to basic necessities. Students and colleagues alike also noted her exceptional personal generosity. In 2019, Carnes was recognized with the Raiders Who Rock: Above & Beyond award.

Leading a shift in the culture, structure and procedures around undergraduate advising, Adriennes multi-decade dedication to students has left an impact on thousands of students and she has set the Gold standard for academic advising at Rawls College.

For more information on the impact of Rawls College, please visit the centennial exhibit at the Texas Tech Museum.