Texas Tech University

The Gordons Show Support for Rawls College and the School of Law

Personal connections and valued experiences have inspired Pat and Laura Gordon to give back though their time and financial support.

Haleigh Erramouspe | April 10, 2024

Pat and Laura Gordon are a bit yin and yang. Her beaming smile, bright clothing and bubbly personality are complementary to Pat's more reserved grin, neutral apparel and collected words.

However, both of their eyes lit up as they laughed their way through stories of their time at Texas Tech University'sSchool of Law and their careers beyond.

Building Connections

Before their paths crossed at law school, they led vastly different lives.

Laura was a native of El Paso, but she wanted to break the mold and do something different from her friends for college. With the help of supportive parents, she toured more than 30 campuses across the U.S. before deciding on Bryn Mawr, a women's liberal arts college just outside of Philadelphia.

Although she was no longer in Texas, there was little question from those around her as to where she called home. She said she was one of the few girls who wore makeup, perfume and heels, which earned her some curious questions from the local college residents. 

If that didn't set her apart, then her big pink convertible with longhorns attached to the front did.

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