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Raider Restart

Raider Restart

What is it?

Raider Restart is a program designed to provide individualized education for students about substance use and the impacts of alcohol and other drugs on one's health, wellness, and academic success. This program aims at helping students make safer, healthier choices and avoid the negative consequences substance use can bring.

How does it work?

Raider Restart consists of two one-on-one discussions with trained facilitators who work to guide a healthy, judgement-free conversation around one's own substance use. To create an opportunity for a more personalized conversation, participants will complete Echeckup to go during their first meeting. There are also Raider Restart group sessions for both alcohol and cannabis use. Raider Restart is free for students who are considered a self-referral, meaning they schedule an appointment without being mandated to complete the program by the Office of Student Conduct

How can I get started?

Any Texas Tech student can participate in the group or individual Raider Restart program. If you are interested in learning more, you can email RaiderRestart@ttu.edu for more information before you schedule your appointment.

The Raider Restart facilitators for the 2021-2022 Academic Year are Jacob and Emma.

RSVP for a group alcohol session

RSVP for a group cannabis session

Contact Raider Restart

Email RaiderRestart@ttu.edu for more information or if you have questions.