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April 01, 2020

Finishing Online

“At TTU, I’ve learned that students should not be afraid to take the initiative to make their own art. As I graduate, I know that I will both look for and make opportunities happen in the future, whatever the challenges.”


April 01, 2020

Keep Swingin' On

Before the social distancing guidelines for COVID-19 were implemented, Ryan Fay had been hard at work on his thesis project: devising an adaptation of Jungle Book for the stage, based on the famous classic by Rudyard Kipling.


April 01, 2020

Off They Go

Texas Tech University School of Theatre and Dance students participate in theatre conferences throughout the year, attending workshops, submitting conference papers, and networking with other artists all over the country. In February, a group of students attended the Southeastern Theatre Conference in Louisville, KY and the Mid-Atlantic Theatre Conference in Chicago, IL.


April 01, 2020

Speaking to Listen

Have you ever thought about that weird person with the strange accent and wonder how someone talks like that? Or why we have stereotypes related to certain accents or speech patterns?