Texas Tech University

Fangman awarded Texas Tech Parents Student Achievement Leadership Award

Michael A. Ortiz

June 8, 2021

Matalee Fangman, a senior public relations major with a minor in electronic media and communication from Dumas, Texas

The College of Media & Communication congratulates Matalee Fangman on being awarded the Texas Tech Parents Association Student Achievement Leadership Award. Fangman, a senior public relations major with a minor in electronic media and communication from Dumas, Texas, was recognized April 24 at the Texas Tech Parents Association Faculty & Student Award Breakfast where she received a plaque and honorarium.

Fangman is an active student in the College of Media & Communication with extensive involvement as a Dean's Student Ambassador, member of the Public Relations Student Society of America, and a contributor to Texas Tech MCTV. She has spent her academic career focused on becoming a strong critical evaluator as well as developing a strong set of communication skills.

Recipients of the Student Achievement Leadership Award are recognized for their service and excellence within the community. Fangman was humbled, yet elated, when she heard the good news.

“I was excited and honored going into it,” Fangman says. “I never thought it'd go past nomination, but when I found out, I was smiling from ear to ear. I just feel so blessed, grateful, and honored to receive this award.”

Nominated by Lisa Du Bois Low, an associate professor of practice in public relations, and Eric Rasmussen, Ph.D., interim chair for the Department of Public Relations, Fangman was evaluated on several professional practices such as her résumé and research involvement throughout her academic career. She surprised herself when she reflected on her previous research work, crediting it as a valuable academic asset.

“Even when they asked about my research, I never realized how much I had done through my classes,” Fangman says. “Through research methods, I worked on Victoria's Secret's social media presence and its impact on young women. Now through my campaigns class, we're working with Covenant Children's Hospital gathering qualitative and quantitative data.”

While evaluators credit her professional involvement, Fangman wishes to redirect the credit back to Low and Todd Chambers, Ph.D., associate dean for undergraduate affairs, for offering guidance throughout her academic career.  

“There's no way I could have been in this position without the College of Media & Communication,” Fangman says. “Since I set foot in the college, they've challenged and pushed me to grow. Lisa Low and Dr. Chambers have helped me tremendously. I'm so grateful to have someone like them in my corner because I feel so much more confident going into the career world.”

Fangman further describes the CoMC as her second home despite its large size. She notes that the faculty and staff's commitment to students facilitates a personable environment for her to fully explore her passions. Fangman has always been encouraged to combine her passion for sports and communication into a career.

“I'm more of a people person, and that's why I got into public relations,” Fangman says. “I love communicating and being with people. I believe just being around others who share that same connection helped me share my love for that. I've been developing new skills I never thought I'd have.”

After attaining the Student Achievement Leadership Award, Fangman looks forward to Texas Tech Graduate School. She plans to move forward with her education through the interdisciplinary program focused on communication, sports management, and business.

“Hopefully, past the graduate school, I can be somewhere in the sports world,” Fangman says. “My great grandfather always wanted me to get my master's degree, and I'm excited to challenge myself a little more. It'll be difficult, but I'll be able to diversify myself while also learning something new.”