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2017 Alumna Exceeds Expectations in Early Career, Wins Global Title

Andrea Payne

September 19, 2023

Alissa Fono-Nixon

Alissa Fono Nixon, a 2017 Advertising graduate and National Advisory Board (NAB) member for the College of Media & Communication, has recently been nominated by the World Affairs Council of Greater Houston to become a Global Leader of Influence. The announcement came after displaying her dedication as a Head of Vertical Operations and Marketing for Automotive, Battery and Food and Beverage (F&B) Verticals for Siemens USA. Nixon is set to receive her award on October 19 at the 25th Annual Jesse H. Jones Awards Luncheon in Houston and will be congratulated on stage by former President George W. Bush.


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Though this prestigious award is typically presented to more experienced professionals for Siemens USA, Nixon is making history entering her sixth year with the company and as one of the youngest females to gain such an honorable title.

Even in a short time span, Nixon knew of her passion for working in global communication and knew her role with Siemens would enhance her skills to continue to work in the industry. What she did not expect, however, was adding more than a level of expertise to her name.

“I volunteer a lot of my time outside of Siemens in the nonprofit world,” said Nixon. “Here, I worked with an organization named redM and we partnered with the Scottish government to raise awareness for human and sex trafficking, both of which are problematic in Houston, Texas and across the world. From what I can say, this is at least one thing that has helped contribute to this award.”

Alissa Fono Scottish night to remember

Along with her nonprofit work outside of her organization, Nixon also credits her work with Siemens as a contributor to her leadership being recognized. 

Professionals from well-known universal companies, large and small, will be recognized at this year's awards luncheon for their leadership in the surrounding community and across the globe. Each recipient has shown their willingness to effectively navigate global concerns and protect the better good of each company they work for.

“Every year, the World Affairs Council of Greater Houston celebrates the cultural differences and global influence for individuals who have made an impact on international business— this could even mean in the Non-profit organization (NPO) space,” said Nixon. “That is what we are going to be celebrating. It is the cohort of community leaders coming together and recognizing what the city of Houston has to offer in this space.”

To say the least, Nixon is honored to be a part of such a strong corporation as a young professional. She hopes to continue to keep the success of Siemens afloat while continuing her work with the world abroad as she learns and grows more within her organization.

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“I am grateful to have been able to accomplish this so early on in my career,” said Nixon. “Siemens really helped me break out with my career growth. You don't typically hear a lot about Siemens here in the U.S. since Siemens is headquartered out of Germany, but it has already taken me very far.”

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